Everest 2024: Interview with Garrett Madison on his “Aconcagua Ambush” and the Upcoming Everest Season

We are getting closer to #Everest2024, and there are some new rules Nepal is proposing. In this interview with Garrett Maddison, founder of Madison Mountaineering, we meet Garrett and how he started his company.

We also discuss his recent “Aconcagua Ambush,” where he and his client summited the highest peak in South America, spending only one night on the mountain and using an experimental oxygen system that has promised other high peaks.

Also, he shared his thoughts on Nepal’s plan to require all climbers to use WAG bags to remove solid human waste from Everest high camps, the use of helicopters on Everest, and a limit on luxuries at base camp.

You can follow Maddison on their website, Facebook, and IG.

Here’s the video podcast version of the Garrett Madison Interview:

Everest 2024: Interview with Garrett Maddison

The Podcast on alanarnette.com

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