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Apr 242014
Everest 2014: Everest Nepal Functionally Closed: The Big Picture - Update 4

Note and Update 4: Changed the headline of this post to be more accurate as the mountain is not “officially” closed whatever that means. That said,  all the major teams  have left leaving a few tiny ones and perhaps the Russians but who knows how they will climb with no support in the Icefall. Not impossible but very, incredibly difficult and time is running out with the monsoon season approach at the end of May. Not  a lot of time to acclimatize. This situation has been the most difficult I have ever covered about Everest since 2002. There are lies, manipulation, continue reading

Apr 232014
Everest 2014: Season Near End from Nepal - Update 1

International Mountain Guides, IMG, who has the largest team climbing from the south side of Everest has ended their season. While there has been no official comment from the other large teams including Asian Trekking, Himex and Altitude Junkies, the IMG decision most likely ends all attempts from the south. Climbing is still occurring on the North side of Everest and other Himalayan mountains. IMG fields a very large team of Sherpa who are key in fixing the line to the summit. Without their support, other teams would struggle to find the manpower, although it would still be possible with continue reading

Apr 222014
Everest 2014: My Relationship with my Sherpa

An editorial As the Everest 2104 season remain in limbo,  Sherpas are home reflecting on their collective loss and worried about their future. Climbers are at base camp processing a range of emotions from associated guilt to lost dreams. Families are simply worried about their loved one. This tragedy has no simple answers. It is not about money, it is  not about safety, it is not about anything more than the human condition. Anyone who professes to know the answer has not been there. Those who’ve been there, don’t know what the future holds. Opinions and position based on morality are continue reading

Apr 222014
Everest 2014: Season Still Uncertain

The Ministry of Tourism has agreed to many of the Sherpa demands but this is far from over as to the future of the 2014 season, the benefits for the Sherpa and the future of climbing in Nepal. Climbing continues on the north side. Reports are coming in that a few Sherpa are stirring up the emotions at base camp demanding all Sherpa to stop climbing for the season. In addition, one report posted via Reuters on the New York Times has Lama Geshi  telling the Sherpa “…. they should not go to the summit because more will die” I continue reading

Apr 212014
Everest 2014: Tragedy Overwhelms Everest

Click here for latest full update The serac collapse into the Khumbu Icefall last Friday has not only taken at least 16 lives, s it has changed Everest climbing forever. Emotions and relations are tense today at Everest Base Camp with Sherpas presenting the Ministry of Tourism a set of 13 demands ranging from improved insurance to improved pay as part of the millions the government earns from permits each year. Teams are currently on hold waiting for the Ministry to respond to the demands, search They gave a date of 7 days or April 28, 2014 or they will continue reading

Apr 172014
Everest 2014: Avalanche Near Camp 1-Sherpa Deaths:Update 9

Click here for latest full update Latest as of  Monday in Nepal Alpine Ascents ends season. They had a large part in supporting the Joby Ogwyn attempt Sherpas demand improved compensation after #Everest2014 tragedy or will stop climbing. source Sherpas demand decision made by April 28. NBC cancels Joby Ogwyn wingsuit jump off #Everest2014 link —– NO decisions have been made on closing Everest south for the season. I don’t expect it but the Nepal government could. Individual teams are making their decision now. I expect a few to cancel but not many. Individual climbers are making their decisions now. I continue reading

Apr 172014
Everest 2014: Climbers Gain Rhythm

It is a good week for our Everest climbers as they are getting into the rhythm of their new life. Also, all the prep is ready for some climbers to begin spending the night in the Western Cwm. Ang Jangbu, expedition leader with IMG, posted this update of their progress in establishing Camp1 and Camp 2: All sherpas carrying to Camps 1 and 2 made it OK. The sherpas who went to Camp 1 managed to set up the kitchen tent plus seven sleeping tents. At Camp 2 they were able to set up the big steel frame tent. We have Ang continue reading

Apr 162014
Everest 2014: First Steps in the Khumbu Icefall

Today was another milestone for some Everest 2014 climbers – their first steps into the Khumbu Icefall. Of all the experiences written and talked about for Everest, crossing the ladders has to rank near the top. Todays Update But first a look at the current action. EverestER is starting off very busy caring for climbers, click Sherpas, Porters and anyone who needs help: We’re busy!  Our volunteer doctors have already seen 70+ s and had 2 s hospitalized overnight and 3 evacuations. As usual, our problems run the gamut – from blisters and sprained knees to life threatening HAPE and head trauma. continue reading

Apr 152014
Everest 2014: Regrouping at EBC

Everest and Lhotse climbers are getting down to business today preparing to make their first acclimatization rotations into the Khumbu Icefall or on nearby trekking peaks like Lobuche. The many trekkers who came along are now heading down valley with a lifetime of memories to share forever. The communications situation seems to have gotten a bit better based on an increase of posts but the Ncell network still appears to be down and many people assumed it would be available and had no backup. It has been snowing quite heavily at EBC, also hurting the ability to make a satellite continue reading

Apr 142014
Everest 2014: Base Camp Life

The communication problems for teams now at Everest Base Camp is improving, slightly. The Ncell mobile network is still down but the Mercantile Communications systems seems to be up as well as the satellite access. A good omen for New Year’s day in Nepal, year 2071! It has been snowing and cloudy at base camp for several days taking a toll on solar charging capability. It is often all about power, there are no power lines in the upper Khumbu or Everest Base Camp. In spite of the comms issues, teams are settling into base camp after their week or continue reading