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Jul 202018


It’s a good day on K2 with many summits.  There are 31 summits thus far on 21 July Saturday 2018. Seven Summits Treks clients have summited K2. They post:

Here are the list of successes summiteers:

1. Jianjonh Li (China) 🇨🇳
2. Mingma Gyabu Sherpa (Nepal) 🇳🇵
3. Chhiji Norbu Sherpa (Nepal) 🇳🇵
4. Noel Hanna (Ireland) 🇮🇪
5. Ms. Gangaamaa Badamgarav (Mongolia) 🇲🇳
6. Sophie Lavaud (Switzerland) 🇨🇭
7. Dawa Gyaljen Sherpa (Nepal) 🇳🇵
8. Lhakpa Temba Sherpa (Nepal) 🇳🇵
9. Krishna Thapa Magar (Nepal) 🇳🇵
10. Pemba Thinduk Sherpa (Nepal) 🇳🇵
11. Ngima Thenduk Sherpa (Nepal) 🇳🇵
12. Muhammad Ali Sadpara (Pakistan) 🇵🇰
13. Ms. Viridiana Chavez (Mexico) 🇲🇽– Elite Himalayan Adventures
14. Yoshiharu Nakamura (Japan) 🇯🇵
15. Ngima Dorchi Sherpa (Nepal) 🇳🇵
16. Paul Hegge (Belgium) 🇧🇪
17. Dawa Sangay Sherpa (Nepal) 🇳🇵
18. Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa (Nepal) 🇳🇵
19. Ms. Changjuan He (China) 🇨🇳
20. Intesh (Pakistan) 🇵🇰
21. Pastemba Sherpa (Nepal) 🇳🇵
22. Mingma Tenjen Sherpa (Nepal) 🇳🇵
23. Ms. Naoko Watanabe (Japan) 🇯🇵
24. Furba Ongdi Sherpa (Nepal) 🇳🇵

: Plus 2 sherpa of fixing team from GM also made ascent this morning.

31 summits so far : 24 from SST/14Peak , 2 from GM and 5 from Summit Climb , congratulations to all now we hope for safe descend soon !! 👍

Also I’m told that Brit climber Jake Meyer, the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest in 2005, aged 21 and the youngest Brit to climb the Seven Summits has summited and Slovenian Tomaz Rotar.

With this, I expect all the other teams to summit in the next few days before any  weather moves in. The ropes are in, there is a boot path and the way is clear. Well done by all.


Seven Summits Treks are saying their rope fixing team have reached the summit of K2 including Lakpa Temba Sherpa and Dawa Geljen Sherpa Janbu Sherpa.

SSt 2018 k2 update just reach to the K2 Summit 14 Peak K2 Expedition’s Summit route fixing team Sherpas and all the climbers and Sherpa guides will reach in a hour to summit . congratulations to all the fixing team Sherpas and we will keep update so please keep connect

We can now expect the Japanese and Karakorum Expeditions teams and Madison to summit today or Sunday. Also K2 skier, Andrzej Bargiel is on the Cesen at C3

As always, best of luck to all for a positive experience, regardless of the results.

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  2 Responses to “K2 2018 Summer Coverage: K2 Summits – Update 1”


    Congratulations to Ganga and all the rest with the great achievement!!!


    Wonderful news. Thanks for sharing Alan.

    It has superceded the previous tally of 30 climbs [only 6 of them without the aid of supplemental oxygen] recorded during the summer of 2012. On July 31st, 2012; 28 climbers reached the summit of Chhogori [or K2] in a single day.