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Jul 202018


It’s a good day on K2 with many summits.  There are 31 summits thus far on 21 July Saturday 2018. Seven Summits Treks clients have summited K2. They post:

Here are the list of successes summiteers:

1. Jianjonh Li (China)

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  2 Responses to “K2 2018 Summer Coverage: K2 Summits – Update 1”


    Congratulations to Ganga and all the rest with the great achievement!!!


    Wonderful news. Thanks for sharing Alan.

    It has superceded the previous tally of 30 climbs [only 6 of them without the aid of supplemental oxygen] recorded during the summer of 2012. On July 31st, 2012; 28 climbers reached the summit of Chhogori [or K2] in a single day.