Continue to Follow the Climbs

Please continue to follow the climbing news and my own adventures by reading The Blog on Everest 2010 is now over so all future updates on Everest and other climbing news will be posted on The Blog.

I regularly add dedicated pages to my main site for my own climbs such as the recent climbs of Colorado’s infamous Little Bear Peak or the US’s highest peak, Mt. Whitney. Use the menu in the upper left of this page to explore the site.

Also, please look for an update on my quest to raise $1M for Alzheimer’s research through climbing the 7 Summits. The first climb will start later in 2010.

Thanks again for following Everest 2010.

Climb On!


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2 thoughts on “Continue to Follow the Climbs

  1. Thank you so much Alan for all the news and updates, no other site like it! Best of luck to you on your 7 Summits quest!

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