Listen: Mountains and Hope

Aconcagua High Camp

Listen. “Listen”, capsule I tell myself. As I close my eyes, I can almost hear the mountain speak.

Sounds in the mountains are more than just sounds. The ice pick swinging securely into hard ice saying you have a sold hold. Crampons against the hard snow in the early morning hours. The wind.

Listen. Sounds can let you know if it safe to continue or to turn back.

I lay in my tent knowing we will leave for our summit bid of mighty Aconcagua in a few hours.

Listen. I hear my teammates quietly talking. The stoves have now shut down; finished with snow melting duties. The wind.

As silence takes over the camp, I can hear Aconcagua.

This mountain has been kind to me. Two attempts, two summits. Not that they have been easy; few summits ever are. But Aconcagua has been kind.

Listen. I can hear the words of my supporters. Elaine: “$100 for every summit Alan. I know you can do it.”

Lynne: “Count me in for a penny per foot in honor of my mom too.”

Donations that make a difference in the world of Alzheimer’s.

“You know I am with you every step”, I hear my wife tell me as she does during every climb.

And so many others.

I will listen to your voices as I climb.

You are powerful, motivating – sustaining.
Listen. I hear the winds. Soft now against the nylon tent walls. It will be a good day, they are saying.

I will call in from the summit to the Blog. Listen. I hope you can hear not only my voice but those of so many involved, impacted and hopeful for our cause.

Listen. What they are saying must make difference. You have the power.

Climb On!
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3 thoughts on “Listen: Mountains and Hope

  1. Hi Alan, I hope your summit push is going well. If the weather is right Snow Forecast you picked a great summit window. Light winds and partly cloudy with light snow. Good luck! Matt

  2. Hi Alan we have just arrived back in South Africa after a 24 hour long journey. My thoughts are with you today all the way to the summit! I love this blog that you wrote today – your tenacity and courage are an inspiration to all. Kindest Regards

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