Final Trip Reports: Carstensz Pyramid and Kosciuszko

Alan on Carstensz Pyramid's Summit October 22,   2011 7:00 AM
Alan on Carstensz Pyramid's Summit October 22, ask 2011 7:00 AM

What a way to wrap up phase 1 of the  7 Summits Climbs for Alzheimer’s: Memories are Everything project. Carstensz Pyramid had everything I expected and Kosciuszko was the perfect last climb.

Carstensz Pyramid

Carstensz was what an adventure should be. It had drama, uncertainty, an element of danger and of course for a climber – a summit. I knew as I boarded the plane for the flight to Indonesia that this would be the most difficult climb both technically and logistically. What I didn’t expect was that labor issues at the local mine near Carstensz would be the culprit. I knew the local tribes in the jungles created havoc for foreigners but it was the the strike that generated major problems.

Once we reached base camp, the climb itself was very enjoyable from a pure climbing perspective. There was rock climbing at high altitude and was fun. The highlight was the Tryolean Traverse where I clipped my harness onto a cable spanning a large gap with clear air below, took a leap of faith and pulled myself across towards the summit – all at 16,000 feet. I have a great video of me going over and back on the trip report. I think you will find it interesting!

In my normal manner for all my climbs I have added a few pages to my site to document the expedition:


Approaching 200 nights away from home, I was anxious to return home so after we returned to civilization in Bali, I immediately flew to Sydney Australia, one of the great cities in the world. I drove then down to Thredbo and climbed Mt. Kosciuszko the next day. For those wondering (and counting) why I climbed eight mountain for something called the 7 Summits, I explain it all in this post a few weeks ago. That said, I loved Kozzy. It was easy, fun and rewarding with the added benefit of being in Australia.

These are the specific reports on that climb:

While these climbs may be over (and there may be one more in 2012 so stay tuned); my efforts around Alzheimer’s will not stop. I hope to go on a road trip of sorts next year to share these experiences and show a few pictures from my 8 climbs. I am already doing that on a limited basis and appreciate the positive response.

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Climb On!
Memories are Everything

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