K2: Time to Switch the Lead

IMG_0122IMG_0119Climbing is a team sport. In difficult conditions like deep snow or physical ice or rock climbing, partners often switch the “lead” in order to make faster progress.

Well it is time to switch the lead on K2 for Alzheimer’s.

I am leaving this week to begin the most difficult physical climbing challenge of my life. I have trained hard and feel confident (more in a separate post on this).

Now, I now need your help to take the lead on the cause.

In the end K2 is about the cause, not the climb.

We are making good progress in raising money, but we need to go faster, harder and step up the effort. This is where you come in.

Please make a donation – any amount that is meaningful to you is meaningful to the cause. Ask your friends and family to donate. Tell them about our climb, about our fight against this devastating disease.

You’ve been following me for years, and for that, I’m grateful. Now it’s time for YOU to lead!


A special thank you to Ted H. from Tempe Arizona and Paul K. from Champaign, Il for your $1,000 donations. I will be calling you from K2 basecamp with a personal update.

Climb On!


Memories are Everything


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6 thoughts on “K2: Time to Switch the Lead

  1. Hi Alan

    Cheers on a successful climb. I love reading about all the many adventures on K2 over the decades! Last year I was communicating with and following Marty S. Until he took a bit more risk than he should have… Stay safe ! Praying for great weather and safety!

  2. Alan I have just watched ‘ k2 siren of the Himalayas ‘ and I can truly say after following you for so many years in Nepal with everest and so forth , I am very excited for you and wish all the luck in the world , as you will truly be tested on this adventure my friend. Stay safe and think of tomorrow rather of today. I eagerly wait for you to guide us through this magic mountain as you do for us on everest. Take care my friend , nick. Sydney. Australia.

  3. I have posted & shared this on my wall & I will continue to do so. I will hit up my family & see what we can come up with to support your efforts on behalf of our Mom’s & loved ones!

  4. I am with you again Alan AND we donated as it is the best cause to support for us folks over 70 as well as the youngers. You are wonderful to do what your doing for Alzheimers research. I am very excited about following your K2 adventure! ROCK ON….ginny

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