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Jun 232014

Using a SPOT gps tracker, here this map will show Alan’s latest location. Note: the system is not perfect and may display incorrect locations occasionally. Tracking to start once Alan begins the trek to K2 base camp. Click this link for all the K2 2014 dispatches.

  6 Responses to “Alan on K2”


    NOTE: As of 7/28/14 Alan’s SPOT is BROKEN and will no longer provide updates. I talked to him today via sat phone in base camp at 17,000 feet or so. They are all off the mountain and safe. Have a good trip home guys. – Jim Davidson, temporary admin for Alan


    Congratulations, Alan! Judging from your SPOT data, you reached the summit of K2 on July 27, 2014 around 0300 UTC. An incredible feat. Now get down safely!


    almost there Alan!!


    Good morning from South Africa. Alan, I wish you all the good luck in the world. Be safe my friend – Godspeed!


    WOW! Nice shortcut there Alan….Camp to directly to Base camp!! Hehe! 🙂


    It is so exciting to know exactly where you are, Many prayers are with you .. Climb on my friend!! Laura

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