Alan Arnette: Audio Dispatch from Lhotse for Alzheimer’s

This is the latest audio update from Alan Arnette climbing Lhotse for Alzheimer's. Please sign up for the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry.

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24 thoughts on “Alan Arnette: Audio Dispatch from Lhotse for Alzheimer’s

  1. cnn has reported that Alan Arnette has been helicoptered into base camp.
    “Bottom line, the icefall has been deemed impassable at this point,” said Alan Arnette, a climber and Everest blogger who was at Camp 2 when the avalanche struck. He said that climbers at Camp 2 and others higher up would descend to Camp 1 (elevation 19,500 feet) to await helicopters. Arnette was helicoptered down to Base Camp on Monday.”

    scroll down to section that has the heading: Helicopters Rescue in the Mountains.

  2. My heart is breaking for the loss of life and unspeakable damage to the homes and the livlihood of so many people. As I mourn for them I mourn for the dreams of climbs that so many had prepared for so long.. So much hard work to have accomplished and then not be able to summit. But I know that there will be other chances in the future. Please stay safe and know that many people are praying for your safe return. Laura in Ohio

  3. If you wish to help the people of Nepal, you might read Tim and Becky Rippel’s note, on their Peak Freaks site, about an organization run by their friends, in Nepal.
    At the following you can read the Rippel’s complete message.

  4. If you wish to help the people of Nepal, you might read Tim and Becky Rippel’s note, on their Peak Freaks site, about an organization run by friends of theirs, in Nepal. The money goes direct to help those in the rural areas, and does not filter through the gov’t hands.

    At the following you can read the Rippel’s complete message.

  5. Im so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Eve. And I am so comforted to hear the calm in your voice. What a comfort you must be to those around you. Your confidence that you and your fellow climbers will be lifted down safely is contagious, and I am so relieved to hear it in your voice. My thoughts are with all of you, and your families. Best possible wishes for you.

  6. You can do safe, be smart and be alert always—what I told you on K2 each time I communicated with you. Praying God’s blessings on you all as you descend to safety.

  7. Very glad you are safe. We’ve been thinking of you non stop the last 2 days. Stay safe the rest of your journey.

  8. So glad to hear your voice and update. Be safe. Mother Nature can be a real bitch.

  9. Alan your calm voice is so comforting to hear. Praying for you guys to be down safely. It will be wonderful to hear your transmission from Gorak Shep.

  10. I am so sorry there has been so much anguish and loss of life.
    You must stay strong an be very careful when you get to Kathmandu because the city is in shambles. The people need our help!
    Prayers and love.

  11. Hang in there Alan. Thoughts and prayers to everyone still on the mountain, as well as those in the rest of the country.

  12. Condolences for your losses. Sending prayers that the remainder of people on the mountain make it back to Base Camp safely.

  13. My prayers are with all of you still up on the mountain, and also with everyone in Nepal. Alan, the calm and peace and strength in your voice, today on 26th April at Camp 2, has brought tears to my eyes and to my heart. How incredibly brave you are. We’re all thinking of you ALL. I wish I could do something to help. We’re with you in heart and spirit. With love and light and prayers, Sophie, in Scotland.

  14. Sending prayers and love and my heartfelt condolences to everyone.
    Stay safe and stay blessed.

  15. Prayers for all, and wishing you much strength to cope with the aftermath of this tragedy.

  16. Prayers with you and your team to get down safely, that weather opens up soon. Condolences to your team for the loss of life with the doctor, and all the others on the mountain as well as down in Katmandu. So tragic.
    Thinking of you.

  17. Hi Alan, I am not sure if you will get this message to not but I want to know what I can do to help. I have been in touch with the State Department and they are putting a rescue team together. I can fly over as part of the State Dept rescue team and they will fly me to Kathmandu, Lukla and subsequently BC. Is there anything I can do on Everest to warrant me being there or would I just add to the problems? Can I bring clothing, my Everest gear, money? Please reach out to me and let me know the possibilities. I have 3 friends on Everest right now. We have heard from Kent Stewart and he is at BC helping there.

  18. Alan very well said. Continue to be safe. My prayers go out to everyone everywhere on the mountain and in Nepal for safety in the recovery stage. Very sad about any injury or loss of life.

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