K2 2015 Coverage: Trekking the Baltoro

K2Teams continue to make steady progress toward their respective base camps. They report conditions as hot which is no surprise as Pakistan is experiencing an extreme heat wave. But Mike Horn who is already at K2 Base Camp reports:

Arrived at K2 base camp at 5000 meters. It is snowing and cold but everyone is doing well!

Russell Brice’s team is about half way there with a reported 397 porters! Actually this is not unusual as all the provisions for base camp and the climb must be transported by humans, not helicopters. We had a similar number of porters last year.

David Tait, who is a prolific blogger, posted about his trek:

The under foot surface was a challenge at times, with deep sand; almost beach like conditions – quite a struggle. However, 5 1/2 hours later I arrived at a patch of ground called Jolah. There is literally nothing here, but somehow this patch of ground has a name – thankfully for my story! Now as I write, our tents have been set and the patch now transformed by an army of workers. I am tempted to set up a time-elapse camera to record the effort, which will all be repeated again tomorrow night.

But not everyone is having a smooth trip. Nick Rice posted that he is till having difficulties getting his clearance for travel:

…  the clearance was still not received. I can only hope that the officer is present tomorrow and that the clearance is received in the morning.

I hope the season will be safe with all the disparate weather conditions – hot and cold … bit this is what make K2 so difficult.

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