My Birthday Wish

Ida with Alan at 6 months old

As I celebrate my 59th birthday today, pharm July 27, I think back to people who have influenced my life. It is a long list, many of whom I count as my dear friends and close family. But today I want to single out my mom, Ida and Kami Sherpa.

Many of you know Ida. You have told me she is still with me on my climbs, and in my life. She died from Alzheimer’s Disease on August 19, 2009. Her journey showed me how one can live their life with dignity, humor and courage. It was her path that changed my life for the better.

Thanks Mom for helping me identify my purpose. To honor Ida, please consider a donation to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund for my birthday.

Kami and his wife in the home before the earthquake
Kami and his wife in the home before the earthquake

Today Kami Sherpa is in a hospital in Northern Pakistan. He was baldy injured from rockfall while guiding K2 last week. It was Kami whom I followed to the summit of Everest in 2011, to the top of K2 last year on my birthday and stood side by side at 21,000 feet as the earthquake hit Nepal in April. His smile, kindness and gentle soul showed me how one can pursue huge dreams while keeping your feet on the ground.

Thanks Kami for helping me fuel my passion. To help Kami with the medical expenses and to rebuild his home damaged in the earthquake, please consider a donation to this fund for my birthday.

Today is my birthday and a day of gratitude to many.

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9 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish

  1. Happy Birthday Alan! I’ll be 58 in Dec. Lost my Mother to AD a year and a half ago, she was 86. I was her primary caregiver and was so glad I could be with her during her illness. Thanks for your efforts on research and info on this terrible fatal disease. I made a donation. Good luck to you and to Kami. Great website!

  2. Better late than never.Alan so Happy Birthday and wishing you a great year ahead. Cheers Kate

  3. Good morning Alan,

    You don’t know me but thanks to your great high altitude coverage I feel as thought I know you, at least a little.

    My wife often says at this time of the year ‘What you reading?’ and I just say ‘Oh, just seeing what’s happening high up with Alans’ reports’.

    Thank you Alan, keeps my hopes and dreams alive.

    My mother passed away last year at 92 with severe Dementia, crippling.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the UK and God speed a quick recovery for Kami.

    Tim. (also 59 next year!)

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