Update on Kami Sherpa

Kami and his wife in the home before the earthquake
Kami and his wife in the home before the earthquake

Thanks to you and everyone who donated to help Kami Sherpa, I wired almost $8, 000 to Kami today to cover his unexpected medical expenses after his major injury on K2 last month.

I know you know all this but I want to review the situation and invite you to cut and paste this and share with anyone who might be interested in helping Kami.

He was hit by rockfall just below Camp 1, about 20,000 feet. His left shoulder was dislocated forward, his forearm broken as was the little finger on his left hand.

He was evacuated from K2 Base Camp, underwent surgery in Skardu Pakistan and will be back in Kathmandu around August 10 where he might have to undergo more operations to completely recover.

Regardless, it will take months for him to fully recover. I know as someone who dislocated my shoulder 9 times and had two operations to fix it, the last time in 2001. I am now fully recovered and hope Kami will as well.

Kami on K2 in 2014
Kami on K2 in 2014

If you don’t know Kami, he is about 50 years old, he is not really sure the year he was born. His mother changed his name when he got sick as a baby so the evil spirits would not know who he was and come back.

His home is in the beautiful tiny Khumbu village of Pangboche – about 100 homes and the home of Lama Geshi, another beautiful soul.

Kami is married with five children: one is a mountain guide, one a monk and he has two daughters and one son in boarding school in Kathmandu.

Kami not only takes care of his immediate family but also his sister, who is deaf and cannot speak, and his 80 year old mother who lives next door.

Kami funds all this through his job as a Sherpa Guide.

I have been in contact with his brother, Ang Dorge, and his son, Mingma. They are very grateful for all of your support for Kami.

Kami Sherpa home in Pangboche
Kami Sherpa home in Pangboche

Come autumn, Kami will continue to rebuild his home in Pangboche, most likely with his left arm still in a sling. But I know Kami and he will rebuild his home!

Personally, I hope to return to Nepal next spring and hope to climb with Kami again.

The fund will be open through the end of the month so please continue to donate to this special man. This is the link.

Thank you and Climb On!


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