Colorado 14,000′ Mountain: Capitol Peak

Capitol Peak from the trail head about 6 miles away

Summited one of the more difficult Colorado 14, 000′ mountains, Capitol Peak for the third time yesterday. This time with Jim Davidson via the Northeast Ridge route

We were rained on during the 6 mile approach and again early in the night, but skies began to clear as we approached the crux, a 100′ section aptly called the Knife Edge.

Capitol is considered one the harder 14er due to it’s remoteness, high class 4 climbing requiring hands and legs and extreme exposure meaning a fall would be fatal.

We summited with four other people in great conditions and good time. As we hiked out later that day, over 40 people were headed in to attempt Capital today, Sunday August 9. We choose wisely 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Colorado 14,000′ Mountain: Capitol Peak

  1. Saw your story on the Capital Peak climb. My son lives in the valley there a (place called Toklat, at Ashcroft) and would have loved to climb with you. He actually did a quick climb up it last week after work.

    Enjoy this site and find it quite useful for my work.

  2. Great photos Alan. I was in the area when you were climbing – and pointing out Capital to a friend of mine. Was over on Ragged Mt working on a cabin. I climbed Capital when I was a kid – grew up in Carbondale you know. It was a long time ago and I’d forgotten about some of the aspects of the climb. Nicely done!

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