Everest/Lhotse 2016: Summit Wave #2 has Success – Updated

Everest April 6 2015

After a few individuals – three foreigners and three Sherpas – summited just after nine Sherpas fixed the route to the summit, the first commercial teams are seeing success on Friday morning, May 13, 2016

Himex sent their entire team up and are reporting that all six have summited about 9:00 am along with at least that many Himex Sherpas. They had 5 members climbing, plus 1 guide and at least 6 Sherpas.

Update: The summitters were: Richard Grant Hunter, Andreas Friedrich, Tracee Lee Metcalfe, Jacob Wilem Ottink, Gregory Scott Paul,
Semba Takayasu, Lakpa Nuru, Ngawang Tenjing, Ngima Sona, Phura Namgya, Son Dorjee, Sonam Tashi

Jagged Globe has at least two climbers on the summit around 9:45 am local time. They were near the South Summit just past 8:00 am. They had four members plus at least that many Sherpas.

Update: JG reported the summits as David Hamilton, Nick Talbot, Mary Scannell and Steve Waterman with Sherpas Pem Chhiri, Tamding, Nima Gyalzen, Chhimi and Ang Rinji. They descended to the South Col where they spent the night.

Asian Trekking

Asian Trekking reports Jelly Veyt, Tahar Manai and Julian David Moutain also summtied on 13 May at 10:31 am along with Dawa Tshering Bhote

At this point, the climbers are both elated and exhausted. Most arrived in the full light of the morning sun after climbing for 8 to 12 hours, mostly in the dark.

There will be hugs, smiles and definitely tears. Hopefully, no one forgot their cameras as selfies and poses with their Sherpa will be in order. The Sherpas will take a lot of pictures including of themselves. These days, the Nepal Ministry ask for a full picture from head to toe with your eyes and face showing to grant you a summit certificate.

In respect for the mountain, most people will not stand on the very top as that is where Miyolangsangma, the Tibetan Buddhist goddess lives.

Congratulations to all and safe climb back to camps.

Names and details on this updated post when available.

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  1. Congrats to all who have succeeded! We on the north side are still waiting for our window of opportunity.

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