Happy Thanksgiving

Alan Arnette

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who are celebrating this American holiday.

This year, 2016, is a bit special for some happy and sad reasons.

Living in Colorado, late November sees bare trees and usually snow on the ground. But this year, the ground is as bare as the tree branches. It has been warm and dry. However, the mountains are finally getting snow and the ski resort are celebrating! It’s almost time for me to don the crampons and hit some vertical ice.

Jim Davidson and AlanI am thankful for all my friends – close and far away. Today is the first holiday for some who lost family members. They are thankful for all the wonderful memories of their shortened lives. Loss can bring focus to what is important in life.

I am thankful for my 🙂 mountains I am deeply, deeply grateful for the opportunities I have had, the climbs I have not completed and the summits that allowed me to visit.

While at peace to perhaps not climb an 8000 meter mountain again,  I remain hopeful to climb a few more, perhaps with my climbing friends who continue to be an anchor in my life. But no matter, you can always find me on a Colorado 14er!

Staying with climbing, I’m grateful to have developed a realtionship with legend Jeff Lowe. To have met Messner, House, Steck, Anker, Viesturs and others whom showed me what is possible and provide motivation to give it all I have, and to give back.

I am thankful for my family. Today the newest member, Abby celebrates her first holiday with an amazing scoot across the floor. She appears to be a natural climber! I miss my Dad, James B Arnette, who passed away 10 years ago today.

Alan and Diane

I am full of gratitude for having Diane in my life as she brings me much happiness and joy. Cory, who has shown me what life is all about in the most simple way. The circles of love that nurture this family is inspring.

I am thankful for everyone committed to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. This week a study found new dementia cases had dropped in the US by 25% due to healthier lifestyle, yet a promising drug to slow the disease in the mid stage failed dissapointing millions around the world hoping for a way to stop this disease.

Close to 50 million familes are living with Alzheimer’s. Today caregivers all over the world are helping a loved one remember Thanksgivings past. You are not alone.

Kami at PujaI am thankful for laughing, crying, walking and sleeping. I am thankful for life.

The world continues to be a scary place, but perhaps not as scary as centuries ago.

This Thanksgiving, I remain optimistic that the gentler side of all human kind will emerge. That we will evolve to one another with love and respect. That we choose to express our differences with thoughtful words, resist violence, lashing out in anger and judging others thru narrow lenses.

Peace to all. Gratitude for what we have.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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