Everest 2017: Team Locations and Headlines

Raising Prayer Flags over Everest Base CampRaising Prayer Flags over Everest Base CampAlan Arnette’s Everest 2017 coverage and annual coverage is based on my own Everest and K2 summits and climb experiences, research, sources, and public information. I try to provide insight and interpretation of the activities ranging from routes to weather to the challenge of climbing Everest. I am home in Colorado this season after a climbing accident in February that stopped me from a planned Dhaulagiri climb this spring.

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HEADLINE: Normal Season, Windy, 7 Deaths, 600++ Summits

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Last News: Monday, 31 May 2017 (Everest time: GMT+5:45)

  • Nepal Tourism says 455 summits: 190 foreigners, 32 fee-paying Nepalis, 233 Sherpas
  • Monsoon hits Kathmandu 10 June
  • season is over on both sides

Season headlines

  • Nobukazu Kuriki has ended his West Ridge, Hornbein attempt closing out the south side climbers
  • Cargo flight crashes at Lukla, pilots killed source
  • Kami Rita Sherpa summited for the 21st time tying him with Apa and Purba Tashi Sherpa for most summits
  • Kilian Jornet 2d summit in a week  run again, ABC to summit and back in 29:30 on 27 May.
  • Nepal officials say Hillary Step is just fine (bad for business?) source
  • Traverse by Janusz Adamski A was illegal, operator sends letter to Government
  • 4 dead at South Col inside tent – with new “guide” service – report was wrong
  • Kilian Jornet summited in record time but ended speed attempt due to illness stopping at ABC on north
  • Blind Austrian climber Andy Holzer summited on north with Furtenbach Adventures
  • My climbing buddy, Jim Davidson, with IMG, summited at sunrise 22 May. Very proud of him
  • Mollie Hughes – now part of “Both Sides Club”, youngest Brit to summit at age 26
  • EverestER has now seen over 500 patients
  • North side of Everest saw first 2017 summits by Transcend/Arun Trekking Sherpas fixing the rope on 10 May
  • Flu is hitting many climbers on Nepal side
  • 7 Sherpas and 3 Gurkha achieve 1st summits on the Nepal side Monday 15 May
  • 44-year-old Lhakpa Sherpa set record with 8th female summit on Tibet side 13 May
  • Neither side of Everest appears to be suffering from overcrowding this season
  • Himex Sherpa OK after long fall down Lhotse Face
  • Min Bahadur Sherchan, 86, died from unknown causes at Everest Base Camp
  • Ueli Steck dies on Nuptse acclimatising for Everest-Lhotse traverse
  • Winds, winds, winds and difficult weather on Nepal side – the emerging stories for 2017
  • Arun Treks Sherpa injured by falling ice
  • Gear flown into Western Cwm, eliminating hundreds of Sherpa carries
  • North: 136 foreigners/170 Sherpas
  • South: 28 countries represented, 455 summits: 190 foreigners, 32 fee-paying Nepalis, 233 Sherpas
  • 70 Nepal side climbers used their 2015 extended permit

2017 Deaths: 6 Everest, 1 Nuptse deaths


South Col Route (map)

locations are for majority of team, individuals may be higher or lower

Everest only TEAMS (members/western guides)
375 foreigners/~373 sherpas
C4 S.Col
Summits (foreigners/Sherpas)
Fixed Line Rope to Summit
Facebook for AC TwitterforAC Adventure Consultants (10/5) e 12/18
Facebook for AG Twitterfor AG Adventures Global (8) e  2/2
Facebook for AAI Twitter for AAI Alpine Ascents Int. (7/3) e  6/5
Facebook for IMG Twitter for PF Asian Trekking Eco Teams e  2/2?
Facebook for AT Ascent Himalayas e  8/9
Facebook for AAI Twitter for AAI Benegas Brothers 3/2 e  5/5
Facebook for IMG Himex  e  4/4
Facebook for IMG Twitter for PF IMG Classic Team 1 (14/2) e  2/2
Facebook for IMG Twitter for PF IMG Classic Team 2 (14/2) e  12/15
Facebook for IMG Twitter for PF IMG Hybrid (~8/3) e  9/13
Facebook for JG Twitter for PF Gurkha (10) e  10/10
Facebook for MT Twitter for PF Madison Mountaineering (11/5) e 13/16
Facebook for IMG Mountain Madness (5/2) w/MT e  5/7 w/MT
Facebook for MT Twitter for PF Mountain Trip (5/2) w/MM e 5/7
Facebook for MT Mountain Professionals e 2/2
Satori Adventures e  5/5
Facebook for SC Twitter for PF Summit Climb  (15/1) e  1+/1+ (death)
Facebook for SC Twitter for PF Seven Summits Treks (100+) e  60/70?
Facebook for SC Twitter for PF Tim Mosedale (2/1)  e  2+/2+
others  63/79 (est)
SOUTH TOTAL (est)  222/233

Northeast Ridge Route (map)

locations are for majority of team, individuals may be higher or lower

TEAMS (members/western guides)
136 foreigners/170 sherpas
Summits (foreigners/Sherpas)
Fixed Line  Ropes to Summit
Facebook for AG Twitterfor AG Alpenglow (4/3) e  3/4
Facebook for AT Twitter for AAI Adventure Peaks (4/1) e  4/2
Facebook for AT Twitter for AAI Arnold Coster Expeditions (7/1) e  5+/5+
Facebook for IMG Twitter for PF Furtenbach Adventures (8/1) e  9/8
Facebook for SC Iowans for Everest (2) e  2/2
Kobler & Partner e 10/10
Facebook for IMG Twitter for PF Mountain Expeditions (1/1) e  2/2
Facebook for SC Twitter for PF Summit Climb (11/1)  e  7/6
Facebook for SC Transcend Adventures (23/1) e  16/22
Facebook for SC 7 Summits Club  e  2+/2+
others  21/19 (est)
NORTH TOTAL (est)  80+/82+
T/D=Trek/Driving to BC, K=Kathmandu, La=Lhasa, Lo=Lobuche, e=climb ended, x=last reported location, x+ =on summit bid, -x =descending h=high sleep point, t=touched not slept. Summit number=member/Sherpa. Locations estimated from public websites. Please refer to each expedition’s site for current information. Contact me to add/remove your team from my coverage.

Other Teams

Not providing enough updates to track or comment

Facebook for IMG Twitter for PF Dreamers Destination
Himalayan Guides
Indian Navy
Indian ONGC


I did similar coverage for the 2004,  2005,  2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012201320142015 and 2016 seasons. I summited Everest on May 21, 2011 and have attempted Everest three other times – 2002, 2003, 2008 and Lhotse in 2015 and 2016.

If you will forgive the self promotion, Outside Magazine posted an extensive interview with me and said: I was “one of the world’s most respected chronicler of Everest”

If you receive value from my annual Everest coverage, please consider a donation to one of these Alzheimer’s nonprofits, 100% for Alzheimer’s, none for me Click this link to understand my personal journey with Alzheimer’s disease

Everest Weather
Base Camp Summit
not intended to replace professional forecasts or critical climbing decisions

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22 thoughts on “Everest 2017: Team Locations and Headlines

  1. Hi Alan,

    thank you for your coverage and wonderful writing.I stumbled over a potentially interesting addition to your team-coverage when I met the organiser of below expedition by chance:

    “Clearskies Expedition to Mt. Everest”
    They are going for the summit from the south and without oxygen or high-altitude porters in alpine style.

    Maybe this is an interesting addition to your team coverage?

    There are several blogs about this expedition.
    Unfortunately I think most if not all the coverage is in german.
    I do not provide a direct link, since i do not know if you want this on your site.

    I hope that you find this interesting and look forward to read a lot more from your site.

    Thank you.


  2. Hi Alan,what is the difference between IMG classic and hybrid teams?
    Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙂

    1. Sandra, IMG Classic has no western guides, only Sherpa Guides in a 1:1 with western members for $44,000 per climber. The hybrid adds several western guides along with the personal Sherpas for the members at $59,000 per climber. I summited Everest in 2011 on their Classic program with Kami Sherpa.

      Thanks I’m healing well!

  3. Hi Alan!!
    Glad to see you are feeling a little better! We’re back!!!! Some of the freshman at Wauseon High School are once again reading “Into Thin Air” We haven’t started yet, but eagerly waiting and eagerly looking forward to your wonderful coverage of Everest. Once again, I really do have to thank you! By following your coverage, you have truly made the words literally leap from the page, into real time and real coverage!!! Words can’t begin to show how much you have done for some of these students! Your first batch ( the one’s who were reading when I first made contact with you ) of freshman Wauseon Indians graduated last year. Sure doesn’t seem that long. Some of the students who really didn’t enjoy school very much were very nostalgic about our Into Thin Air adventure with you. Thanks Again !!! AND, Take Care!

    Oh hey, and by the way, our winter sport teams have had a great year – Boys Varsity Basketball 2nd Place at State! Boys Varsity Wrestling – 3rd place at state!!!Go Indians!!!
    Sue Simmons

    1. Thank you Susan. I appreciate you writing. I hope the students see the positive in climbing and not the negative as some seem to take away from the books designed to sensationalize the experience and relationships.

  4. Hi Alan,
    Just stumbled across your website as I have become obsessed with all things Everest. I am enjoying your site and will be following the 2017 climbing season. I’ve signed up for email. And I just made a donation to Cure for Alzheimer fund. Thank you for being you and doing what you are doing.

    1. Thank you so much Diana!! I do what I do on behalf of Alzheimer’s research and caregiver support so your donation made my day. Thank you. Hoping for a positive experience throughout this season for climbers on both sides.

  5. Please add me to your email list. I have been following your blog for over 3 years and now watch daily as i know it is almost time. Thank you for your updates.

    1. Thank you Alan. i find every year i am drawn to everest waiting in march to see if everyone summits and in good shape. I am fascinated by the beauty of nepal. To old to climb with asthma to. So i can live through your posts. Thank you for doing such a great job reporting
      Hope you heal fast

  6. Please add me to your new posts’ email list, also. Anticipations are certainly building.
    Thanks so much!

  7. Very excited for the 2017 season. My family is already rollin their eyes and asking why this Everest obsession?

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