Annapurna 2021: Summits! – Update 4

#4 UPDATE 19 April 2021: FOUND!! The Russian climbers are Sergey Kondrashkin, Alexander Luthokin, and Dmitry Sinev were found between C3 and C4 and brought down by helicopter longline. Luthokin was returned to base camp while the other two went to Kathmandu with minor frostbite.

#3 UPDATE 18 April 2021: The Russian climbers are Sergey Kondrashkin, Alexander Luthokin, and Dmitry Sinev are missing after leaving Camp 4.   Luthokin, had stopped around 7,000 meters and was already descending. In a disturbing pattern, Seven Summit Treks (SST) provided their logistics but usually claims all decisions are up to the climbers and they are not in control.

#2 UPDATE 18 April 2021: Update on the descent, three Russians are missing. A helicopter search is planning for Monday morning. No further information. source: russianclimb

#1 Update 17 April 2021: New names added to summit list

After running out of rope the night before, it appears Annapurna saw 67 summits the night of April 16, 2021. By any measure, it was a record night for the deadliest 8000er. The deadliest metric will drop dramatically assuming everyone descends safely.  Everest permits are now at 338 and Lhotse with 104.

The summits might have an asterisk beside them as helicopter assisted almost all the teams after tough climbing conditions required more fixed rope than planned and the summit push group had to retreat to high camp for more gear (rope, food, fuel, and oxygen) to be helicoptered in from Kathmandu, a first to my knowledge of something of this magnitude occurred during the summit push. In 2017 on nearby Dhaulagiri, they also ran out of rope and abandoned the effort.

Who Summited?

We only have names for 57 of the climbers. This breaks down to 26 of the 44 permitted members and 26 Sherpas in support.

Dawa Sherpa of Seven Summits Treks posted these names on social media:

1 Alvarez Chavez Viridiana 🇲🇽
2 Lu chung Han 🇹🇼 No O2
3 Uta lbrahimi 🇽🇰
4 Antonis Sykaris 🇬🇷
5 Badia briseida Bonilla luna 🇲🇽
6 Mauricio ernsto Lopez Ahumada 🇲🇽
7 Purnima Shrestha 🇳🇵
8 Lakpa Dendi Sherpa 🇳🇵
9 Gesman Tamang 🇳🇵 No O2
10 Lakpa temba Sherpa 🇳🇵
11 Pemba Sherpa 🇳🇵
12 Chhangba Sherpa 🇳🇵
13 Dawa Sherpa Italy 🇳🇵
14 Jaroslaw Zdanowicz 🇵🇱
15 Waldemar Dominik Kowalewski 🇵🇱
16 Mingma Tenji Sherpa 🇳🇵
17 Sergei kondrashkin 🇷🇺
18 Dmitrii Sinev 🇷🇺
19 ADrian laza 🇷🇴
Pioneer Adventures showed these summiters:
  1. Hu Tao of China
  2. Bhagwan Chawale, India
  3. Priyanka Mohite, First Indian Female
  4. Sanu Sherpa
  5. Pema Chhiring Sherpa
  6. Mingma Dorchi Sherpa

MIngma G’s Imagine Nepal listed these summiters:

  1. Mingma Gyalen Sherpa No O2
  2. Hong Dong Juan, China
  3. Gao Li of China
  4. Sirbaz Khan, Pakistan First
  5. Muhammad Abdul Joshi, Pakistan FirstI
  6. Gina Marie, U.S.
  7. Dawa Gyalje Sherpa
  8. Dawa Yangjum Sherpa No O2
  9. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa
  10. Dabhuti Sherpa
  11. Pasang Namgya Sherpa
  12. Phur Gyalzen Sherpa
  13. Tamting Sherpa
  14. Pema Tenzin Sherpa

Expedition Base also had success but is coy with the names: “Summits of some Expedition Base team members occurred approximately 1.40 pm local time. They are now descending from the summit. For friends of TM following, yes she did! Safe descents everyone!” he further posted “well done to our five (5) summiteers ” but still no names published by them.

Peak Promotions also had climbers summit, including the three Indians from the Giripremi team

1. Bhushan Harshe 🇮🇳
2. Dr. Sumit Mandale 🇮🇳
3. Jitendra Gavare 🇮🇳
4. Yogendar Garbiyal 🇮🇳
5. Sheetal 🇮🇳
7. Christopher Warner 🇺🇸
8. Tracee Lee 🇺🇸
9. Maya Sherpa
10. Dawa Ongju Sherpa
11. Mingmar Thindu Sherpa
12. Pasang Sherpa (Zarok)
13. Pasang Sherpa (Taplejung)
14. Mingma Ongya Sherpa
15. Pasang Tenji Sherpa
16. Tamting Sherpa
17. Chhiring Sherpa
18. Pasang Sherpa
19. Phurba Pasang Sherpa
Worth repeating is that Purnima Shrestha, Dawa Yangjung, Dabhuti Sherpa, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, Sharmila Tamang, and Maya Sherpa became the first Nepali women to summit Annapurna.

Historical Stats

Before these summits, there have only been 298 summits out of 1874 people above base camp for a success rate of 15.9. 72 people have died for a death rate of 3.84. This compares to a success rate on Everest of 39.16 (second only to Cho Oyu at 42.2 for the highest for the 8000ers) and a death rate of 1.16 according to the Himalayan Database. The female record was smashed last night with only 18 females summiters total previously and at well over 7 this spring.

The youngest summiter on Annapurna was American Mathew Koehler at 19 in 1991 and the oldest, none other than Carlos Soria Fontan from Spain at age 77 in 2016. The most successful years prior to spring 2021 were in 2010:26, 2016:30, and 2019 at 33. The average expedition success rate since 1950 is only 33%.


Some of the Annapurna summiters will move to Dhaulagiri but the route fixing hasn’t begun. Among the climber is 82-year-old Carlos Soria is on this 12th (yes twelfth) attempt of Dhaulagiri. He only has it and Shishapangma to complete climbing all fourteen of the 8000-meter peaks.

The Slovak-Romanian team lead by Peter Hamor with Marius Gane and Horia Colibășanu has made progress on their attempt the North-West ridge and then descend along the North-East ridge.

Follow Along!

I’m updating team location table and tracking climber’s blogs (see sidebar). If you have a team not listed, please let me know, and I will add them if I can track them. If you prefer not to be mentioned, please contact me.

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2 thoughts on “Annapurna 2021: Summits! – Update 4

  1. Hi Alen
    I want to inform you that, below three foreigners and five Nepali climbing sherpa guide summit Annapurna First on 17th of April safe and successfully which expedition operate and organized by Satori Adventures. Your information and blog are always incomplete because you are taking information from the Facebook wall and what you hear from others. So my advice is, please take an information regarding the mountaineering from authentic government authority or department of tourism. Your blog is incomplete, while you did not include below climbers and company.

    Organizer: Satori Adventures (P)
    Summiters: 08 members
    Date: 17th of April 2021

    01. KAKKA KEVAL HIREN – India
    02. CHUNG EICHUL – Korea
    03. SADETSKIY GEORGY – Russia
    04. Mingma Temba Sherpa -Nepal
    05. Pema Sherpa -Nepal
    06. Kami Sherpa – Nepal
    07. Sarmila Tamang -Nepal
    08. Pemba Tamang – Nepal

    I am sure you will receive correction from the next blog about Himalayas

    1. Thanks for this Rishi, Since I started covering Everest in 2002, I always seek the most accurate, timely information available. If an operator doesn’t provide public information, I welcome it privately as many send it to me regularly. Feel free to send me timely updates on your expeditions and I’ll include them as I do for many others.

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