Everest 2022: Summit Wave 5 – Update 3

OK, we have at least 35 more summits this Sunday morning, May 15, 2022 with still more to come.

A true record: Kenton Cool just got his 16th Everest summit breaking Dave Hahn’s long-standing 15. A non-Sherpa record. And South African Pierre Carter flew his paraglider from the South Col to Gorak Shep.


IMG had more success on Everest. They use beyuladventure.com as their logistics partner in Nepal.

1. Krystopher Nashat Benyamein (🇺🇸)
2. Lindsay Terese Zimmerman (🇺🇸)
3. Justin Reese Merle (9th summit) (🇺🇸)
4. Paul Charles Marshall (🇦🇺)
5. Mingma Dorjee Sherpa (Phortse🇳🇵) – 12th summit
6. Ngima Sona Sherpa (Phortse🇳🇵) – 7th summit
7. Thunang Lhomi (Hattiya🇳🇵) – 6th summit
8. Dawa Tenzing Sherpa (Thame 🇳🇵) – 4th summit
9. Phurba Gyaljen Sherpa (Thame🇳🇵) – 2nd summit

Dr. Hemant Leuva sent me this update for the Satori team, but no Sherpa names.

We 7 members from Satori Adventures summited Mt. Everest on 13 May along with Sherpa support team. We are back to base camp today. The summitters
1. Dr. Hemant Leuva, India
2. Dr. Surbhi Leuva, India
3. Dr. Somat Chetariya, India
4. Rahul Bhairwah, India
5. Devin Gala, USA
6. Luca Montanari, Italy
7. Andrea Lanfri, Italy.
Along with 10 Sherpas

8K Expeditions:

1. Yorick Daniel Vion 🇫🇷
2. Guru Jenjen Bhote🇳🇵
3. Thillaimuthi Nagarajan 🇲🇾
4. Phur Gyalgen Sherpa
5. Ang Tsering Lama 🇳🇵 (Advisor of 8K)
6. Chhiring Lama Bhote 🇳🇵
7. Sunil Nataraj – India( Advisor of 8K)
8. Tsering Pemba Sherpa – Lead IFMGA guide
9. Dawa Chhiri Sherpa
Summit Climb said they had summits but no Sherpa names. “Big congratulations to our member and Sherpa who reached the summit of Everest at 3:30 am. Also, super congratulations to our other member and 2 Sherpas who reached the summit of Lhotse at 8:00 am. Good job team! Everyone stay tuned for more summits.”

Sunday morning brought the It was the fourth straight morning of summits on Mt. Everest in very good conditions. Kenton Cool just got his 16th Everest summit breaking Dave Hahn’s long-standing 15. A non-Sherpa record. #everest2022

Teams have left the South Col for their summit push this Saturday, May 15, 2022. This in as the Madison Mountaineering group was leaving: 

Hello!  This is Terray calling in for the Madison Mountaineering Mount Everest and Lhotseexpedition.  It’s May 13th.

We are just going to bed in preparation for the first day of our summit push, which will actually start at about 1am tonight.  We’ll have breakfast at midnight and then we’ll set off out up into the Icefalland on to Camp 2 (6500m/21,325ft).  From there we plan to take a rest day and then we will start making up the Lhotse Face to Camp 3 (7230m/23,720ft) and Camp 4 (7900m/25,919ft) and hopefully on to the summit (8848m/29,029ft) in a little less than a week.  The forecast looks good and spirits are high with the team.  Everyone’s pysched to get going and start our summit push. So, it’s good night here in base camp and we’re looking forward to getting the climbing started. We will be in touch as we make our way up the mountain!

And from Summit Climb:

three of our Everest members and 3 Sherpas are now in Everest High Camp. They plan to begin their ascent to the summit of Everest at 7pm, which is just a few hours from now. We wish them all of the best and will keep you updated.

IMG has left for the summit:

Happening now, our Everest Team has just departed the South Col for the summit! Reports from the South Col are the team has a clear night with very light winds and minor traffic. Great news, and we are standing by for reports as they come in. Good luck to everyone climbing tonight, and thanks to all of you for the support!

There are still over 200 people ready to summit this weekend and even into early next week. Stay tuned. Teams still ready to summit include:

We finally heard directly from the Full Circle Everest team with seven members summiting supported by 10 Sherpas on May 13, 2022

The Full Circle Everest Expedition was a success. Every member who attempted to summit made it to the top.
Congrats to the summit team: Manoah Ainuu, KG Kagami, Evan Green, Thomas Moore, Dom Mullins, Rosemary Saal, and Eddie Taylor. Our Sherpa climbers and support team that also reached the summit included:
Pasang Nima Sherpa
Lhakpa Sonam Sherpa
Phurtemba Sherpa
Dawa Chhiri Sherpa
Sonam Gaylje Sherpa
Nima Nuru Sherpa
Chopal Sherpa
chawang Lhendup Sherpa
Tasha Gyalje Sherpa
Amrit Ale
Camera crew:
Pemba Sherpa
Nawang Tenji Sherpa
And special thanks to the Expedition Leader Philip Henderson, base camp tech Adina Scott and additional team members Abby Dione and Fred Campbell.  Lastly this wouldn’t be possible with out the support of our amazing Sherpa team and basecamp staff.
More updates to this post as they come in.

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