Everest 2022: Team Locations and Headlines

Raising Prayer Flags over Everest Base CampRaising Prayer Flags over Everest Base Camp



Welcome to the 2022 edition of Alan Arnette’s annual coverage of the Everest climbing season. I try to provide insight and interpretation of the activities ranging from routes to weather to the challenge and reward of climbing Everest. It’s based on my three Everest attempts and my 2011 summit, plus my climbing experiences of a K2 summit in 2014, Manaslu in 2013, and 30+ more peaks around the world. My reporting uses my own research, sources, and public information.

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Current Headlines

  • The Icefall Doctors will stop managing the route on May 29, according to the SPCC.
  • I estimate 639 Nepal summits by 240 members supported by 399 Sherpas.
  • 73% summit success for the 325 permitted members.
  • 50 Summits on the Tibet side
  • 3 Everest deaths: 2 Sherpas, 1 Member
  • Rough estimate of over 200 summits on the other Nepal 8000ers
  • 1 Lhotse Sherpa death
  • 1 Makalu member death
  • 1 Kangchenjunga death

Previous Headlines

  • Another team headed up for Sunday morning, May 22
  • Another 20 summited on Saturday. Now it one team at a time. No rush.
  • 30 more summits on Friday Morning, May 20
  • A handful of summits on a very late, 11:00 am, Wednesday morning
  • 454 Nepal side summits through May 18
  • Summit winds under 30mph/50kph through May 22, then sharply increasing
  • 30 + Summits Tuesday Morning, May 17, 2022
  • Around 40 to 60 people left to summit
  • Winds forecasted to gust to 45mph/70 kph on Monday night
  • Wave 7 is Underway for Tuesday, May 17; wind dependent
  • 396 Nepal-side summits through May 16 with a 1:1.5 Sherpa ratio
  • Another 35-50 summits Sunday Morning
  • Kenton Cool just got his 16th Everest summit breaking Dave Hahn’s long-standing 15. A non-Sherpa record.
  • Multiple Lhotse Summits
  • Pioneer Adventures, Everest May 12: Dipak Mahat got AMS while at C2, died in Kathmandu
  • Full Circle Everest, the first all-black team, put eight members on top with eight Sherpas.
  • Lucy Westlake,18, who set an American female record
  • Ropes to Lhotse Summit
  • First Member Summit on May 9th with 14summit.com
  • Typhoon, ASANI looks to be NO THREAT to Everest
  • A Russian with Seven Summits Club  has died at C1 after getting sick at C2 on Everest
  • 11 Sherpas led by Kami Rita, with his 26th, got the fixed ropes to the summit earlier than expected.
  • Pioneer Adventures, Kangchenjunga May 6: Narayan Iyer 51-year-old Indian, dies from “exhaustion”
  • 26 summit Kanchenjunga
  • Nepal Rope Team leaving Thursday, May 6 for C4 to fix summit ropes. Might be in by May 10.
  • On May 4, 2022, 13 Chinese installed a weather station at 8800 meters on the Tibet side
  • 50 Chinese summits this spring
  • April 30, 2022, 31 Chinese summited on the Tibet side of Everest.
  • On April 29, 2022 six to eight Tibetan rope fixers summited with the fixed rope to the summit
  • Fixed ropes to the South Col, to the summit by May 10
  • Rotations underway to C2, with tags to 7000m on Lhotse Face
  • Low drama, good weather on Everest thus far
  • 8000er summits stalled due to weather
  • Internet is spotty from EBC
  • EverestER report treating 157 patients for the usual: upper respiratory complaints and high altitude cough.
  • Icefall is reported as “fast and easy”
  • First climbers are already at Camps 1 and 2.
  • Everest has 67 female climbers. The United States represents the largest country on Everest this year with 63 climbers, a spot recently ceded to India and China which only have 22 and 10 climbers, respectively. The UK comes in at 33, with Canada at 17 and Australia at 10 thus far. Russia has 16 climbers and Ukraine has 1, on Everest this season.
  • Carlos Sori, 83, Sito Carcavilla, and the six Sherpas on Dhaulagiri retreat to BC due to the weather. They will try again.
  • Heavy snowfall delays progress on Annapurna.
  • Many teams will not climb today, April 18, 2022, as eight years ago to the day, at 6:35 am, a small section of an ice serac released onto the Khumbu Icefall. 16 Sherpas were killed in a moment as tons of ice fell, leaving the mountain workers with few options and nowhere to hide. Today is a day to remember. Om mani Padme hung.
  • Multiple teams have arrived at EBC
  • IMG Sherpa, Nima Tenji Sherpa, has died in the Khumbu Icefall from unknown reasons, no fall, avalanche or known illness.
  • Greek climber Antonis Sykaris is reported to have died on April 11 from “exhaustion” after summiting. He was near C3
  • 22 Summits on Dhaulagiri by Imagine Nepal
  • IMG’s Sherpa Fura’s reports: “The Icefall is in good shape and ‘easy’.”
  • Icefall Doctors have the route to Camp 2 with only 4 ladders. (previous reports said 12)
  • Many weather delays flying to Lukla
  • Look for perhaps 100 fewer, down from last year’s 408, foreign climbers on the Nepal side for 2022 due to war, and COVID travel restrictions.
  • Icefall Doctors are fixing the route to C2
  • Icefall Doctors will arrive soon at Base Camp to fix the route to Camp 2
  • Tibet has closed again to foreign climbers for the third straight year
  • The regular commercial teams like IMG have already claimed their base campsite for 2022

Deaths/Missing – 6 Total

  1. Pioneer Adventures, Everest May 12: Dipak Mahat got AMS while at C2, died in Kathmandu
  2. Seven Summits Treks, Lhotse South Face May 9: Khudam Bir Tamang, a member of Hong Sung-Taek died from an avalanche.
  3. Seven Summits Club, Everest May 8: Pavel Kostrikin died at Camp 1 after getting sick at C2 on Everest from AMS
  4. Pioneer Adventures, Kangchenjunga May 6: Narayan Iyer 51-year-old Indian, dies from “exhaustion”
  5. Seven Summits Treks, Dhaulagiri, April 11: Greek climber Antonis Sykaris is reported to have died near C3 from “exhaustion” after summiting.
  6. IMG, Everest, April 14: Nima Tenji Sherpa died in the Khumbu Icefall from unknown reasons, no fall, avalanche, or known illness. He was carrying loads to Camp 1.

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South Col Route (map)

locations are for the majority of each team, and individuals may be higher or lower

W = ready for the summit push, waiting for a weather window.

S+ = Summit Push Underway

Everest only TEAMS
To Date: 276 members,40 western guides,
300+ HAW (high altitude workers aka Sherpas)
C4 S.Col
Summits (foreigners/Sherpas)
Fixed Line Progress X X X X X X (11)
Facebook for AAI  Alpine Ascents Int. 5+/1+ e 3/3
Facebook for AJ AJ Twitter Altitude Junkies e 2?/2?
Facebook for AP Twitter for AP AP IG Adventure Peaks: 6/1 e 4/6
Facebook for IMG Asian Trekking:25/0 e 6/17
Facebook for MT Climbing the Seven Summits e 12/20
Facebook for FCE  Full Circle Everest: 11/0 e 7/8
Facebook for IMG Twitter for PF  Furtenbach Adventures: 15/4 e 17/27
Facebook for Nims Twitter for PF  Elite Expeditions: 12/0 ? 16/38
Facebook for IMG IMG: 20+/5+ e 9/13
Facebook for IMG Imagine Nepal e 11/16
Facebook for MT Twitter for PF Madison Mountaineering: 9+/3+ e 13/17
Facebook for SC Mountain Professionals e
Facebook for SC Twitter for PF  Summit Climb: 14/2 e 10/10
Facebook for SC Twitter for PF Seven Summits Treks: 50 e 25/25
Facebook for SC 7 Summits Club: 17/4 e 10/22
Facebook for 8K 8K Expeditions on IG 8K Expeditions: 25/0 e 15/22
Facebook for IMG 14 Peaks e 5/10
others (est) 75/135
SOUTH TOTAL (est) 240/399

Northeast Ridge Route (map)

locations are for the majority of each team; individuals may be higher or lower

C1 N.Col
Summits (members/support)
Fixed Line Progress X X X X X X
Tibetan Rope fixers 0/6
Chinese Commercial 11/20
Chinese Scientific 5/8

LEGEND T/D=Trek/Driving to BC, K=Kathmandu, La=Lhasa, Lo=Lobuche, e=climb ended, x=last reported location, x+ =on summit bid, -x =descending h=high sleep point, t=touched not slept. Summit number=member/Sherpa. Locations are estimated from public websites. Please refer to each expedition’s site for current information. Contact me to add/remove your team from my coverage.

Other Teams

Not providing enough updates to track or comment

Facebook for 14s Twitter for 14s 14summit: Summits 1/1
Alpine Sherpa Guide 
Climbalaya: 3/6 Summits
Himalaya Expeditions
Facebook for AT Twitter for AAI  Ascent Himalayas: 3/3 Summits
Facebook for IMG Twitter for PF Dreamers Destination: 4 Summits
Everest Quest
Facebook for SC Expedition Himalaya: 1/2 Summits
Himalayan Guides: 4/4 Summits
Himalaya Expedition
Himalaya Ascent
Himalayan Traverse
Kaitu Expedition
Myrmidon Expeditions
Glacier Himalaya
Peak Promotion:
Pioneer Adventure: 1/1 Summit
Facebook for SC Satori Adventures: 7/10 Summits
Summit Nepal Treks
Facebook for Tham Thamserku Trekking: 1/1 Summit























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