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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Apr 072017
Broken Leg Update: Two Months Out

I broke my leg in four places and smashed my nasal cavity eight weeks ago today when a wind gust shoved me violently off my feet and into a rock field on Twin Sisters Peak. Jim Davidson, SAR teams plus Rangers from RMNP demonstrating the highest levels of knowledge, professionalism and compassion got me to hospitals where after two surgeries, I am now recovering. My last update was four weeks ago so time for another update. I am physically healing, yet I struggle with dark thoughts.  As I fall asleep many nights, I hear the phrase “I don’t want to be in the rocks.” When I continue reading

Mar 102017
Broken Leg Update: One Month Out

It was four weeks ago to the minute that a wind gust tossed me around like a piece of paper on Twin Sisters Peak. A heroic effort by my climbing partner, Jim Davidson, SAR teams plus Rangers from RMNP got me to hospitals where after two surgeries, I am now recovering at home. Wow, what a journey. I have had plenty of time to reflect on the experience but I’m not finished processing the event. I still have trouble sleeping and hear the phrase “I don’t want to be in the rocks.” in my mind at random times. And I am continue reading

Mar 012017
Broken Leg: I Don't Want to be in the Rocks

A quick story for those with busy lives. Two friends, Alan Arnette and Jim Davidson, were hiking along a path when the wind blew Alan over and he broke his leg. Jim called 911 and a bunch of people came and got Alan. Today Alan is home and is getting better. The End. While that may be what happened, there are a few more details I (Alan) can add. 🙂 The trail we were on was like a well worn shoe. We were training for something big, much bigger – 18,000 feet higher and on the other side of the world. With little continue reading

Nov 102016
Encouraging Alzheimer's News

I spoke at an Alzheimer’s conference last week and had a chance to listen to expert speakers on the latest research news. I am encouraged. While much of this has been announced piecemeal over the past few months, this is a recap for those not following the daily updates. Funding UP! First up is that the US Government has increased the research funding thru the National Institutes of Health. It is now close to $1 Billion annual dollars – almost twice the amount only a few years ago but still well under the estimated $2 Billion that is estimated to fund a cure by continue reading

Aug 162016
7 Years after Ida's Death

Today, I am climbing Mt. Ida, 12889′ in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a perfect peak to honor my mom, Ida, who died from Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) on August 16 2009. Over 5.3 million have AD just in the U.S. alone, and an estimated 47 million worldwide. It is the sixth leading cause of all deaths in the United States, and the fifth leading cause of death in Americans aged 65 and older. Whereas other major causes of death have been on the decrease, deaths attributable to AD have been rising dramatically.8 Between 2000 and 2006, heart-disease deaths decreased nearly 12%, stroke continue reading

Jun 172016
A Father's Day Memory - Climbing, Alzheimer's and Regrets

I walked over to my Dad, sitting in ‘his’ chair in the home where my brother and I were raised from the 1950s. Mom sat quietly in ‘her’ chair across the living room. Ken sat on the couch. I got on my knees to make direct eye contact with him. “Dad, you know Mom is sick and needs 24 hour care” I said gently knowing she was listening but not really understanding. We knew something was wrong with Mom but had no idea it was Alzheimer’s. Dad got the 1,000 yard stare and nodded his head, as tears welled up in continue reading

House Appropriations Committee Proposes Significant Increase in Alzheimer’s Research Funding

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Jun 162015
House Appropriations Committee Proposes Significant Increase in Alzheimer's Research Funding

Alzheimer’s research budget would increases by $300 Million if today’s proposed bill is approved. Please contact your Congressional representatives and ask them to support this increase which would be the largest in history for Alzheimer’s. Use this link to find your Representative This summary is from the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund: Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is extremely happy with the House Appropriations Subcommittee bill for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that was released today. The bill, medicine which still has to be approved by the Committee and full House, includes a $1.1 billion increase for NIH, a more than 25% increase continue reading

Mar 192015
Forgetting Your Life

What if one night you received an email telling you that you had a 90% chance of developing Alzheimer’s and you were 51 years-old? That’s what happened to Jamie Tyrone. She has a rare combination of genes that makes her risk of Alzheimer’s more than 90%. Rather than let those discouraging odds keep her down, she create a non-profit Beating Alzheimer’s Through Embracing Science. Her local newspaper, UT San Diego recently profiled her. I found it inspiring. It was Jamie who put me in touch with Banner’s Alzheimer’s Institute and the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry.  If the next generation, or continue reading

Aug 172014
Alzheimer's Killed my Mom Five Years Ago

It was 5 years ago today that my mom, Ida, died from Alzheimer’s. In thinking about her today, many wonderful memories brought a smile to my face. When asked about one of them, I said I remember as a 10 year-old sitting in the kitchen while she cooked dinner, talking about life. Even at 10 she ed me like an adult, we spoke like adults and she shared her values with me that define me today in many ways. As the decades passed and Alzheimer’s took hold of my mom, I became the adult and she became the 10 year-old. continue reading