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Jun 292012
Alpamayo 2012 Altitude Junkies Base Camp

Alpamayo 2012 Altitude Junkies Base Camp

We are now on our third day at the Alpamayo Base Camp after taking a day and a half to trek here through the mountain valleys.

Short spindly trees cover the area but it is the amphitheater of fluted snow covered peaks that attracts the eye.

Our small Altitude Junkies team is doing well except for me. I have been pretty much down with some kind of stomach bug which hit me the first night here. But today I feel 1000% better.

We will move up to the Moraine Camp at 15, 500 tomorrow, mind Saturday, then to the Col Camp the next day. We may climb a slightly easier climb before Alpamayo to get our ice legs.

The mountain is not crowded at all with us beating the crowds by a couple of weeks.

I will send another update soon, but obtaining a satellite signal is difficult with the high surrounding walls.

OK, so far so good. The Cordillera Blanca are just as beautiful as advertised!

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  5 Responses to “Alpamayo 2012:A Beautiful View”


    All sounds to be going well. Pleased to hear you are over the stomach bug and are now fit for purpose. I’m still concerned about the fires. Hope all is well with your family. Cheers Kate (UK)


    Alan…sounds like a wonderful climb and glad you got past the stomach problems. Lets hope the Colorado fires calm down.
    Have a wonderful climb and “one step at a time.”



    Will remember you and pray for a safe and successful trip. Climb On!


    Go Alan Go!! Go Alan Go!! Go Alan Go!! 😀


    Good to hear you are feeling better, Alan! Please take lots of photos! It sounds beautiful there! Climb safe and have fun!