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Jul 022012
Clouds over Alpamayo 2012

Clouds over Alpamayo 2012

The winds picked up throughout the night clearing the clouds but making the summit a bit windy for an early start.

Even though it has calmed now around noon we will wait until tomorrow morning for the climb. Also there seems to be more stomach issues so some of team need an extra day.

I seemed to have shaken my issues and feel strong. They put me in quarantine so I can’t be blamed 😉

We can clearly see the fluted face of Alpamayo in the noon sun. I am glad I have a lot of experience before tackling this climb. It will be a long and physical day once we get started.

So we sit at 18, 000 feet with only one other two person team surrounded by an amazing view. Not a bad way to spend Monday morning!

Thanks for comments, I can read but not respond individually until I get off the mountain

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  8 Responses to “Alpamayo 2012: Taking an Extra Day”


    It all looks and and appears great.After the long Everest hau
    This is your time now, enjoy cheers and Good luck Kate UK


    Am sat at the foot of Ben Nevis (which I know you climbed in March) on the first day of a break away after weeks of madness. Finally able to catch on your adventure and wow! It looks simply stunning. Glad the tummy bug has abated and wish you well as you head for the top. Your photographs are fabulous. Look forward to seeing more when connections allow. Take care x


    Looks spectacular. Good luck!


    Happy to hear you are feeling strong and ready to roll. Best wishes for the beautiful challenge ahead!
    My thoughts are with you, as always.


    Stay focused on the prize ahead u !
    Remember the mountain has not been climbed
    Until you are safely down

    Goodluck for summit day !




    All my best wishes for a safe and successful climb! Stay strong and healthy!


    Good luck with your climb Alan, I too cant think of a better way to spend a Monday morning!

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