Ecuador 2019: Climbing the Volcanoes: Cotopaxi Up Next

As I wrote in the last blog, Cayambe iced us off the upper slopes so now Cotopaxi is up next.

After Cayambe, we returned to heal and regroup at Hacienda Rumiloma outside of Quito. We had a great dinner with Ossy, Amber and their family at a local Sushi restaurant, yes Sushi!!

Yesterday, Wednesday, January 23, we drove to another amazing Hacienda, Los Mortinos located in Limpiopungo roughly translated as “Clean Valley” just a few miles from Coto and just outside the national park. Mountain Madness continues to impress me with logistics, staff and choices. The drive in was on surprisingly smooth, rock covered roads that took us away from  civilization and ever higher into the Andes Mountains. We are currently at 11,500 feet.

Today we will drive to the end of the road and hike 45 minutes to the Cotopaxi hut around 15,000-feet. To bed at sunset and up at midnight. Hopefully will take us 5-7 hours to summit and about half that to return to the hut and then on to another hacienda for the night.

Cotopaxi is 19,348-foot/5897-meters. Please enjoy these sunset picture took last night.

Climb On!
Memories are Everything

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