Winter K2 Update: Summit Push Update #2

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The “Fog of Climbing.” Sometimes getting precise information is difficult. John Snorri’s wife now tells me John is nearing the summit and is at 8100-meters, only 500-meters from the summit. However, she is going off the data from the tracker. His GPS track is crisscrossing above Camp 3. This happens occasionally with these trackers. We do know for sure several climbers have turned back and other seem to be not moving from Camp 3. The “fog” should clear in a few hours

John Snorri K2 Track 4 Feb
John Snorri K2 Track 4 Feb

Remember that the January 16 summit team had to navigate around a large crevasse just pout of Camp 3, so this zig-zagging could be that or just a bad GPS connection. The weather forecast keeps pulling the winds in earlier than before. It looks like they will be down climbing in some tough conditions on Saturday.

Latest Status: 5:00 am K2 Time – Summit Soon?

It appears these are the remaining climbers attempting to summit as of 5:00 am K2 time:

No O’s (last reported holding at C3)

  1. Juan Pablo Mohr Prieto
  2. Tamara Lunger

Iceland/Pakistan team

  • John Snorri Sigurjonsson
  • Muhammad Ali Sadpara
  • Sajid Ali Sadpara

Seven Summits Trekking Logistics

  1. Noel Hanna
  2. Bernhard Lippert with Lakpa Nurbu Sherpa
  3. Tomasz Rotar
  4. Bernhard Lippert
  5. Josette Valloton with Temba Bhote Sherpa

Seven Summits Trekking Sherpas

  1. Lhakpa Temba Sherpa
  2. Mingma Temba Sherpa
  3. Lakpa Dendi Sherpa
  4. Phurbu Kusang Sherpa
  5. Lakpa Nurbu Sherpa
  6. Pasang Dukpa Sherpa
  7. Pastemba Sherpa
  8. Temba Bhote Sherpa

Multiple Sherpas are reporting frostbite. Thus far these climbers have turned back today:

  • Colin O’Brady
  • Antonios Sykaris

Now confirmed that there was a tent shortage at C3. Update from Dr. Atanas Skatov‘s home team:

Nasko safely arrived at Camp 3 around 18:30 local time. We hope the window, which is quite short to keep. Forecast tomorrow at 10:00 pm the wind is expected to increase, which is why the summit attack will start tonight probably around 23:00 pm. (20:00 pm) Bulgarian time). Unfortunately, we have found out that there is a problem with camp 3 tents that are insufficient as a number, but so far everything is fine. In case Nasko contacts us, we will try to update the information we have.

Antonios Sykaris provided this update:

Antonis decided not to continue his effort for the top as he is currently experiencing frostbite, possibly grade 3 on his toes, as well as he was informed that the weather is changing and making his effort prohibitive. Specifically he told us: “” I got here with a lot of mental and physical effort. Most sherpas have frostbite and we all try to repair the damage. Unfortunately my sleeping bag is at C2 and I will have to stay at 7440m all night at -38 C. “4 people from the whole team have started but 2 have returned due to the cold.” We will inform you about anything new.

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3 thoughts on “Winter K2 Update: Summit Push Update #2

  1. Sajid Sadpara is safe in C3 according to John Snorri’s cook. The others were as high as 8300M and moving well. it”s now passed 6pm PKT and getting dark,,, Pray they’re SAFE….Wils

  2. Dawa Sherpa reported at 7:30am PKT:
    Everyone from SST team is back to Camp 3, all are safe and fine. Nobody made it to the summit, in few hours they will start destent to Base Camp.

    John Snorri, Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Sajid Ali Sadpara still above Camp 3 at around 7900m.
    (But he didn’t say if he goes up or down)

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