Winter K2 Update: Summit Push Update #3

K2 Climbers 2014. ©

Looks like none of the Seven Summits Treks members made the K2 summit. Snorri and team remain the only viable team for K2’s winter summit, but it’s very unclear as to their status.

Dawa Sherpa, who is overseeing the climb from Base Camp posted:

No New Summit!  Our entire team safely descended back to the C3, several of them approached to 8000m last night. In next few hours from C3 they will start descending to BC.

That would include (not confirmed)

  1. Noel Hanna
  2. Bernhard Lippert with Lakpa Nurbu Sherpa
  3. Tomasz Rotar
  4. Bernhard Lippert
  5. Josette Valloton with Temba Bhote Sherpa
  6. Juan Pablo Mohr Prieto
  7. Tamara Lunger

And Seven Summits Trekking Sherpas

  1. Lhakpa Temba Sherpa
  2. Mingma Temba Sherpa
  3. Lakpa Dendi Sherpa
  4. Phurbu Kusang Sherpa
  5. Lakpa Nurbu Sherpa
  6. Pasang Dukpa Sherpa
  7. Pastemba Sherpa
  8. Temba Bhote Sherpa

John Snorri with Muhammad Ali Sadpara and his son Sajid Ali Sadpara continue to be a mystery. Their GPS tracker is clearly unreliable in this environment. His wife posted:

K2 – 8.611m summit push on the 5th February , Friday morning after noon PKT. Please follow us have no new news since C3. The GPS track is unclear going back and forth. I believe it is just some misreading from the sat signal or low battery. We need to keep our faith on the team and believe they will succeed. Last signal shows they are in 7.818m and speed 1 km/h

Climb On!
Memories are Everything


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14 thoughts on “Winter K2 Update: Summit Push Update #3

  1. K2 is special. We know there are likely to be deaths but hope it won’t happen. It is the most challenging (others may have other opinions) which makes it so nail-biting. Commiserations and blessings.

      1. I saw that report in multiple places and they already changed his Wikipedia entry.

        So sorry for this happening. I heard his fiancé was with him and flew out with the body. The helicopter was able to retrieve it.

  2. Thank you for the continued updates Alan. I care about these climbers even though they are strangers I will never meet. I care about their dreams, their safety and their loved ones waiting at home.

    This winter climb of K2 is an accomplishment like going to the moon, at least to me.

    I watched the video of your climb and Adrian’s climbs of K2 and it looks almost incomprehensibly difficult. I would say I possible except I see you make it up and down. To add in the winter conditions and constant winds for a summit and return, makes the effort beyond superhuman.

    Best wishes for all the climbers.

  3. Thank you for this blog….I have been following your updates for the past two months. Nail biting!

    I wish all the teams and individuals following their dreams success and safe returns. Worried about John Snorri, Muhammad Al Sadpara, & Sajjid Sadpara.

  4. Sir anxiously waiting for an update on all of the climbers especially Snorri & Sadpara team. Please keep us updated more frequently. Praying for everyone’s success and safe return.

    1. Asking alan to update more frequently. U taking the piss his coverage is the best on the web by a mile with factual news not rumours. Have u not taken in to account alan needs sleep like the rest of us and this is all unfoling Over night in colarado. appreciate peoples hard work rather than moan.

      1. I think you need to chill a bit mate. That was a disproportionately arsey response. We are all very anxious for news about Snorri, Sadpara & Juan and we all hugely appreciate Alan’s time and effort in keeping us up to date with factual reports.

  5. Hello Alan,

    do you have any news about Atanas Skatov on K2? A bulgarian media wrote that he fell because of a snapped rope on the way back from camp 3 and now he is missing… According to the same media three climbers are in very bad condition as well…
    Best regards,

  6. Alan why do you think the rest of the team from sst has retreated? Lack of experience or are the conditions getting worse?
    Awaiting next update on your blog..

    1. What thy are doing is hard, damn hard. It has been 23 years in the making and it took a team of 10 to get to the summit, not just a few as we have seen in the past. The weather this year is not unique, the teams have seen this. Perhaps a few underestimated the challenge, a few gave it their best, but in the end Mother Nature prevails. Congrats to the 10 who made it, well done to those who tired.

      1. So aptly put.. we keep forgetting this is the savage mountain.. looks like many others but it truly is one the most difficult feat to accomplish.. I guess it’s better to turn back than to lose your mind up there and your life..

        I guess the push in this limited window is probably not enough and is taking a toll on the climbers specially with the cold weather..

        BTW I just finished watching your summit from 2014.. so very well done.. and your work towards the alzheimers is commendable..

        Waiting on Snorri and Ali’s update.

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