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Jul 142021

Garrett Madison, founder of Madison Mountaineering is one of the few people on the planet to have summited K2 twice. He’s hoping to get his third this 2021 summer. This is his sixth expedition to K2 making him the most experienced western operator to run regular trips to the Northern Terrorities of Pakistan.

With the new 4G Cell tower in Concordia, Garret took the hour walk from K2 Base Camp to Broad Peak Base Camp to talk with me over Zoom about his expedition. We discussed their rotations to Camp 1 and 2, the snow conditions on the mountain, what happens when he finds bodies on the mountain, and more. I think you’ll enjoy getting this first-hand information directly from Northern Pakistan.

K2 2021: Interview with Garrett Madison from the Karakorum

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  4 Responses to “K2 2021 Summer Coverage: Video Interview with Garrett Madison from the Karakorum”


    Really enjoyed that Alan.
    I like Garrett, comes across as a decent chap.


    Let me echo Alan and Garrett’s statements since I too have found the porters to be some of the friendliest in the world. Thanks to Garrett for walking down from K2 base camp during what sounded like a very cold morning. I forget how many hours it took me but note that the camps are not next door to each other – far from it.


    Brilliant interview. Good luck to all climbers !!