Everest 2016: Who’s Climbing This Year?

Felling the Altitude at the South Col
Felling the Altitude at the South Col

Most Everest climbers are finishing their training, wrapping up last minute gear s and preparing their loved ones for that send-off at the airport. Only two weeks to go for many.

It is always dangerous to note certain individuals climbing as, in my opinion, everyone making the sacrifices to attempt Everest are unique in their own ways and to be lauded for pursing a life dream. That said, this post will do a brief look at some of the more unique attempts for 2016 …. and I know I missed someone!

The common theme for 2016 seems to be climbing without using supplemental oxygen. Of the 7001 summits,  only 193 climbers summited without supplemental oxygen through August 2015, or about 2.7%. But more critically, of the 282 deaths, 102 died attempting to summit without using supplemental oxygen.


Professional skier Hilaree O’Neill will also be attempting a no-O’s summit from the north. She is active on Facebook. While her plans have not been fully disclosed, given she is with Adrian Ballinger, noted for his skiing passion, I assume skiing is involved!. They attempted to ski Makalu last autumn, but conditions stopped them. O’Neill has skied off the summit of many peaks including Cho Oyu, 26,907′. I can only speculate she will ski potentially off the summit to the Tibet side. Professional photographer and filmmaker, Cory Richards is part of the team. Update: Adrian contacted me to say that O’Neill had to cancel so it will be just he and Cory doing a no O’s summit attempt. To further clarify, there are two western members along with western guides on Adrien’s overall team climbing /guiding with supplemental oxygen. Adrien, the overall team leader, is climbing separately with Cory and not using O’s.

Kilian Jornet has said he will attempt a speed climb of Everest from the north via the north face, Hornbein or Norton according to this interview. He has set some amazing records on the world’s big peaks including Denali in 11:48, Aconcagua in 12:49 and the Matterhorn in 2:52.

Rupert Jones-Warner will attempt to climb both sides back to back. David Liano did this in 2013.

Noel Hanna wanted to attempt a traverse but the Chinese haven’t issued a permit since 2007 when Phurba Tashi and David Tait traversed from north to south. They wanted to return making the first double, but stopped after the single. Hanna will attempt to climb four peaks in four weeks: Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu and Manaslu. Update: Noel’s wife contacted me to say she and Noel were joining 7 Summits Club to do a “normal” attempt with Os on the North side of Everest and the 4 Peaks Project is postponed to 2017.

Other climbers attempting a no O’s summit include Alexander Barber and  Mick Allen.


Richard Parks will be climbing with Jagged Globe and attempting to summit with no O’s plus take a few medical samples on the summit to study the effects of reduced oxygen on the brain and body. Caudwell Xtreme Everest did something similar in 2013.

Jelle Veyt will be cycling from Kathmandu then attempting a no O’s summit. He has cycled all the way from his home in Belgium to summit many peaks in Europe. He attempted Everest in 2014 and 2015 but was stopped by the events.

USMC SSgt. Charlie Linville and Tim Medvetz will attempt Everest as part of Medvetz’s Hero Project. Linville lost a leg in Iraq.

Another climber trying without Os’ is Isaiah Janzen with Asian Trekking.

Best of luck to all!

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