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May 202013
Southeast Ridge

The route I took from the Balcony to the summit as seen from Lhotse on the same day I summited.

Update 2

The students from Sanawar India are starting to summit. They are 16-17 years-old: Hakikat Singh Grewal, Guribadat Singh, Prithvi Singh Chahal, Ajay Sohal, Shubham Kaushik, Fateh Singh Brar and Raghav Jonneja

We have summits from IMG (10 summiters),  Asian Trekking and Adventure Consultants (16 summiters) at 4:15 AM Nepal time. Conditions are reported as breezy. Other teams are reporting steady progress higher.

Update 1

The Mountain Trip team decided to hold at the South Col reporting winds at 20 mph gusting to 30 – at the edge of their safety margin.

Those following the Senior Challenge, 80 year-old Japanese Yuichiro Miura was last reported on his push up at 7300m, Camp3 leaving for C4 tomorrow. The other senior is Nepali 81-year-old Min Bahadur Sherchan. I have not seen any updates on him in a few weeks. Last I saw he arrived EBC in late April.

Wave 6

The climbing continues on Tuesday May 21st with 135 climbers leaving the South Col including the last group from IMG. Also Adventure Consultants (16 Sherpas, 7 members and 3 guides) are on the move to the summit. Asian Trekking has another 18 climbers pushing it tonight.

Scott Wollums, Mountain Trip, made this post about the current conditions and their plans. They had some attrition so three Sherpas to one member is not a usual ratio. It is nice to support the Sherpas for their own summits.

All our team is now in Camp 4 resting and getting ready for tonight. The weather is really quite good, probably nicer than in Base Camp, where it is snowing and sleeting this afternoon. We have 3 Sherpas supporting Manoj Vora for his summit go this evening. There were quite a few people going up the fixed lines to high camp today which made for some slow going. We will be updating reports tonight, Nepal time!

Attempting a ‘speed’ climb  on the North are Silvio Mondinelli and Ecuadorian Tima Patricio. They want to climb from ABC to the summit and back in user 24 hours. Their last reported position was 8200 m at the high camp.

Four Ecuadorians are also attempting the summit tonight from the South: Iván Vallejo, Santiago Quintero, Patricio Tima and Paulina Aulestia.

Death on Lhotse

A death has been reported on Lhotse. Lee Hsiao-shih, 57 from Taiwan. This incident is the one several teams have mentioned without names over the past several days. My condolences to his family, friends and teammates. An earlier report of Hsiao Shishlee, proved to be the same person.

Also, a bit more details on the death of Namgyal Shepra who died on May 16.

Best of luck to all today.

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  13 Responses to “Everest 2013: Summit Wave 6 – Update 2”


    This is an amazing website, Mr. Arnette! Thank you so much for creating something like this. I’ve always been completely drawn in by Everest and have decided recently to prepare myself for an eventual summit bid. I’ll be climbing Mount Rainier in June of next year and will plan accordingly after that.

    Again, thank you for this amazing resource!



    We were just notified that at 6:56 am Nepal time, Melissa reached the summit! Half way there.

    Thank you for your blog!


    This evening Domi Trastoy Diaz will do his summit push from C4 on the south route. Strength and respect ! Andorra first Everest summiter?



    Great job with the blog! Makes me almost feel like I am there! Any news on the Canadian Double amputee who was trying to summit!? Worthwhile cause you support as well. Thanks


    Alan, Hsiao Shishlee and Xiaoshi Li should be the same person, a Taiwanese climber.


      Yep, the correct name should be Hsiao-Shih Lee, a Taiwanese climber.
      May he rest in peace in his beloved mountains.


    Miura-san you are my hero!


    It is really sad about the death on Lhotse Xiaoshi Li RIP !! I hope the rest of the climbers summit and get back safely !


    A death has been reported on Lhotse. Xiaoshi Li, 58, died climbing Lhotse. This incident is the one several teams have mentioned without names over the past several days. There are now 7 on Everest, 1 on Lhotse. Both reported as altitude related.


    Good luck to you Manoj Vora


    Wow another dead RIP. I am still can’t believe Namgyal is dead 🙁



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