Autumn 2019 Himalayan Season: Summit Week!

Manaslu summit , 2013

With the route open on both Cho Oyu and Manaslu, the summitters are starting to pile up! Probably over 100 summits on Wednesday, September 25 across the Himalaya. China still not responding to Nim’s request to climb Shishapangma.

Everest – Climbing on hold

Garrett Madison of Madison Mountaineering team are still at base camp waiting and wondering if/when the serac will fall onto the Icefall.

Today is September 24th, and we had a very relaxing restful day in base camp.  It snowed off and on most of the day and was fairly cloudy but had a few sun breaks. Myself, Kristin, and Zac just took the opportunity to reorganize our personal gear, our tents, and get a little bit of nap time in this afternoon.  We had three great meals today and a nice day with the Nepal staff here and the Sherpas.  We are hoping that tomorrow’s a little more sunny and maybe this serac will come down tonight, and we’ll have a clear and safe route to climb up afterwards.

Andrzej Bargiel who wants to ski non-stop, without Os from the summit to EBC is remaining on Everest with his complete crew of videographers who posted another excellent short video on Facebook:

Project Possible 12 of 14 Completed

Looking to summit all 14 of the 8000ers in seven months, Nirmal Purja Purja Purja, now has 12 in a mere 154 days: Annapurna (April 23), Dhaulagiri, Kangchenjunga, Makalu, Everest, Lhotse, Nanga Parbat, Gasherbrum I, Gasherbrum II, K2, Broad Peak (July 26) and Cho Oyu (Sept 23). He is back on Manaslu targeting the 27th. He needs to complete Shish by November 23, to meet his goal of seven months.

China has said all foreigners must be out of Tibet no later than October 1 fearing protests around anniversaries, holidays, remembrances, etc. thus leaving open the big question of whether they will give Nirmal Purja Purja Purja a climbing permit for Shishapangma. Additionally, China had said no climbing on Shishapangma a few months ago after a string of deaths and accidents on the lowest of the fourteen 8000ers. They felt the mountain had become too dangerous to climb.


Nim’s had asked the Nepal government to intercede and ask the Chinese to make an exception for him and his team so they could complete their project. He is asking the public for help:

Shishapangma has been closed this season by the Chinese government. I am hoping that they will allow me to climb in good faith of human endeavour. At this moment, I have no idea what I should I do. If anyone can help me in this matter, I would be thankful.

He posted this video on his Twitter feed on September 14 before he summited Cho Oyu. Some nice climbing shots. It’s assumed he will be doing a full documentary once he completes the project.

Dhaulagiri – Ready for the Summit Push

Sergi Mingote is back at base camp after his final acclimatization rotation to Camp 2 at 6,505-meters. No updates on Carlos Soria Fontán but he is still on the mountain. Chris Jensen Burke who is climbing with Expedition Base said they are ready for the summit push when weather allows.

Manaslu – 41++ Summits in the Clouds

With five summits thus far including the rope fixing team and Muhammad Ali Sadpara, there were more summits on Wednesday, September 25, 2019, in what was reported as poor conditions.

Mingma Sherpa‘s Imagine Nepal team who is prepping for a winter K2 attempt summited today. They had six Sherpas in support with five foreigners.  Seven Summits Treks, who has the largest team on Manaslu of over 150 including support had 11 Chinese along with 9 Sherpa plus one Korean and his Sherpa summit. Also, Climbalaya had 4 members with 4 Sherpas on top. More to come

Adventure Consultants, FurtenbachSeven Summits Club, are all on their summit bids. Climbing the Seven Summits, Arnold Coster and Summit Climb are looking to launch their bid later this week.

Cho Oyu – 5 ++ Summits!

Seven Summits Treks had 5 people summit today, 2 members and 3 Sherpas. IMG posted they have launched their summit bid as have Alpenglow.

Shishapangma – Closed

The Chinese have officially closed Shish for the season.

Climb On!
Memories are Everything

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  1. Strange claim that of the Chineses government that Shish has become to dangerous to climb. According to Wikipedia there was only one death on the mountain in 2018.

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