Alan Arnette: Audio Dispatch from K2 for Alzheimer’s

This is the latest audio update from Alan Arnette climbing K2 for Alzheimer's. Please donate generously to support the cause. 100% to the non-profits, none ever to Alan.

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71 thoughts on “Alan Arnette: Audio Dispatch from K2 for Alzheimer’s

  1. Congratulations on your achievement and for getting us closer to a cure for Alzheimer’s. Can’t wait to see the pictures. God Bless you and your entire team and have a safe trip back.

  2. Wow! I am truly touched by your accomplishment… not only by the climb itself which is way more than amazing… but what you are accomplishing to help towards a cure for Alzheimers…..I praise God that all came together for your climb… you truly are blessed …. And Happy, happy birthday! what a way to celebrate life! Happy new memories!!

  3. Congratulations and well done! What a way to celebrate your birthday. Praying for safe return for your team.

  4. Congratulations Alan buddy. From sydney Aus ,sending you lots of prayers for a safe return. Nick.

  5. Happy Birthday to You! What a great memory. Thank you Alan for all that you do. Make it a round trip…look forward to hearing an update from you soon.

  6. Awesome job! Congratulations on achieving your goal. Safe descent for you and the team!

  7. Happy Birthday Alan!
    Hip hip, hooray!!
    We did our part, now do your part … Get down safe!
    PS write that book, we want to read it!!!

  8. Alan…fantastic…incredible climb of the toughest….you are the man! Celebrated my birthday on July 24th…so, go Leo!
    Be safe and savor the moment.

    “One step at a time!”


  9. I have been praying for you and your team nonstop and am so proud, relieved, and thankful that you have another mountain to add to your list of climbs.. Continued prayers of safety until you land again in Colorado.. Thank you for fighting this fight for my father and his siblings who passed from this horrendous disease.. Thanks Climber Jim for the updates.. Praise the Lord…

  10. Wow, such a thrilling message. Congratulations! Safe descent! Memories are everything. Off to donate.

  11. K2 – what a way to spend your birthday Alan! Congratulations and my deepest admiration for this achievement. So proud of you!

  12. Congratulations on spending your birthday on the summit of K2! You have made great memories for me, I felt like I was there with you all the way up. Have a safe descent and a big celebration at base camp!

  13. Waaauw you did it! Congrats on your summit and your birthday!
    I hope you get down save and bee carefull
    Greeting from the netherlands

  14. Happy tears rolling down my cheeks, so glad to hear you made it. What a way to spend a birthday! Now the mission is to get down and home safely. Holding that space for you Alan until we hear your boots are at base camp. Can’t wait to hear all about this!

  15. Happy Birthday Allan!!!!!!!! We are getting our signs and pamphlets together for our “Cure to end Alzheimer’s ” walk today, I’ll tell them about your accomplishment. You are an inspirational person Alan, I have worked with Alzheimer’s s for years and all families handle the grief differently. You have taken your grief and decided to make extraordinary changes and brought much needed attention to this devastating disease. All of us here in Loveland Ohio have been praying for you for months. Congratulations on your summit victory !!!!!!!! Lisa May

    1. Hi Lisa May this is Laura May.. Any chance that you had any relatives that originated from Columbus Ohio?? I was reading everyone comments and you name jumped out at me.. Isnt this Amazing.. Alans Birthday and the summit,,, And doing it not for his self but with a purpose.. My father and his mother were up in heaven rooting him on… By the way I am from Ohio too.. A little town called Byesville in the southeast corner of the state.. Take care

  16. Congratulations Alan! WOW and on your 58th Birthday. I’ll be sending a donation… as I lost my father to Alzheimer’s a number of years ago. Your posts and mission has moved me! Would love climb with you some day.

  17. Wow, congratulations!!

    An incredible achievement.

    Looking forward to a photo of the view.

    Donation on its way

  18. Inspiring and moving. Congratulations! Happy Birthday! And above all, get down safely (which I hope is a done deal by the time I’m writing this).

  19. What a way to spend your birthday, summiting the second highest peak on the planet and the hardest. congratulations to the whole team and get down safely. Alan you’ve been born into this world to make a change and you sure as hell have made a change in the world. you are the guy that people look up to and think he’s not doing it for himself, he is doing it for others, future generations, so they can live a life full of great memories.

  20. Alan, AWESOME! A call from the summit of K2, unbelievable! Congrats on the accomplishment of summiting that beast, the ability to actually talk while on the summit, the ability to MAKE a CALL from the top and leave such a great message for the world, and for climbing with a cause! You’re and inspiration man! Look forward to the day we meet again!

  21. Congratulations, Alan, on this remarkable achievement! And heartfelt thanks for your courage and determination to use your time, your personal resources, and your immense skills to share your message of hope, need, and urgency with all who will listen! I pray for your safe descent, and that of your incredible teammates, and I pray for an END to Alzheimer’s. You promised me that you would summit and you promised that we would find a cure. You’ve delivered on your first promise and I know you will do all in your power to deliver on the second. With love and admiration, your friend in the fight.

  22. Many many congratulations, what a birthday!!! Your an inspiration and a wonderful advocate. Safe down now, dance at BC, an amazing achievement x

  23. Life is short and precious, my dad used to always tell me, well before he lost his memory. Thanks for living life as it should be!

  24. Many congratulations alan. I am in the UK and had to get up early on a Sunday as I had anticipated you would hit the summit, if successful in the middle of the night…I couldn’t wait! I have followed you for some time now and although we have never met, or likely to do so you still give me the inspiration that no one I have met has given. So I believe it’s happy birthday, congratulations on hitting K2, congratulations on breaking a record as the eldest American to summit (I think that’s what you said) and. more importantly a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS for your cause.

  25. wow Alan…just wow…the summit of K2 !! that’s no mean achievement by anyone’s standard…Congratulations !!

  26. Congratulations, you are an inspiration, and all for such a worthy cause. Your written and audio posts have been extraordinary, and this is an incredible achievement. I hope the descent goes smoothly.

  27. Wonderful birthday present for a deserving, caring man. Looking forward to you getting back safely and giving us all a treat with your beautiful writing. Stay safe and focused!

  28. Great work Alan!!! We are praying for you. Can’t wait to congratulate you in person back at home.

  29. Happy Birthday and congratulations! Travel down with vigor and take great care.
    What you are doing is such a magnificent way to bring attention and funding to Alzheimers research. Climb down and then climb on! Ginny Lyford, Sunriver, OR.

  30. Unbelievable, Alan. You did it. We all knew you were prepared… you were ready. But so glad everything came together and you stood on the summit of K2. YOU STOOD ON THE SUMMIT OF K2! Big time congrats. Safe descent. Ida Arnette is smiling with pride.

  31. Inspirational. Inspired me to donate a bit to Alzheimers research today as well. Thanks for your exceptional mountaineering coverage and dedication.

  32. Congratulations to you sir and to all those that were a part of the expedition. Thank you for letting us (me) be part of this amazing journey. You are an inspiration. You have motivated me to become more active physically and to out ways to champion the cause for a cure of Alzheimer’s I just made my donation of which I only wish it could be 100 times the amount. My donation was not dependent upon you making it to the top, if the opportunity to summit was possible, I wanted to bind that moment of time that memory with my giving. Safe passage on the return May God look out for you.

  33. Alan! Congratulations. What a birthday present to yourself. Well done. So proud of you :-). What a way to set an example on the mountain and for your charities!

  34. All I can say is “WOW!!” How awesome, cool and amazing. Plus you sound energetic and fresh. Congratulations and praying for a safe descent.

  35. Congratulations! Best wishes for a Happy Birthday and prayers for a safe descent to all

  36. Huge congratulations, Alan! Spectacular accomplishment! Committed men such as yourself (and women) can not only climb the highest and most difficult mountains, but they can move them, too! Thank you for your many commitments and showing how no matter what lies ahead, it can be done!

  37. One word: Amazeballs!!! Dave and I couldn’t be more stoked for you. Come down safe – we want more slideshow!!!

  38. You’ve created a wonderful memory of this birthday and helped the Alzheimer’s cause as well. Congratulations to all! Thanks for bringing us along for the ride. Come back safely.

  39. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Have A Safe Decent And Maybe We Can Get Together Sometime And Have Lunch And Remenice. It Has Been Great Following Your Climb And Posts. Take Care And See You Back In Colorado. Tom

  40. Congratulations, Alan – to you and the team! Happy Birthday! Thanks for taking us all along for the journey. Safe descent!

  41. Wonderful news, Alan, congratulations! Way to overcome fearsome terrain; outstanding! Wishing you a safe descent. And Happy Birthday! 🙂

  42. YOU DID IT!!! So proud of you!! You, my friend, are a hero and inspiration! Happy 58th! Praying for your safe descent.

  43. Great News Alan! Absolutely fantastic effort by you and all your support crew! Take care on the way down. Be Safe!!


  44. YEAH BABY! YEAH BABY! YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tears of JOY for your accomplishment and safe arrival to the SUMMIT of K2!
    So encouraged that GREAT things are possible — Thank you for your CLIMB and committment for the CAUSE!

    Safe return Alan — There is some Celebratin’ to be had and a cold Marguarita with your name on it!

  45. Congrats, Alan… nice to hear your voice from K2 Summit. Pray for a safe return to Base Camp…

  46. I am incredibly happy for you Alan! I cannot wait for you come down safe and share your stories with us. I will be making a donation as soon as I can squeek a few dollars together. Congratulations.

  47. Congrats, I have been excitedly following your journey! I love these audio posts, Have a safe descent!

  48. Absolutely fabulous! Alan at the summit. We pray for your safe descent. Can’t wait to hear all the details.

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