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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Dec 082017
How Much Does it Cost to Climb Mount Everest? - 2018 Edition

“How much does it cost to climb Mount Everest?” The short answer is a car or at least $30,000 but most people pay about $45,000 and the price is going up. This 2018 update looks at the current prices, trends and how 2017 turned out what 2018 might bring. This annual update since 2013 has become one of my most popular posts. If you see a mistake or want to add something, please let me know. See the Everest 2018 Season Coverage! If you dream of climbing mountains but are not sure how to start or reach your next level from continue reading

Oct 172017
Everest: 4 Weeks, Unlimited Oxygen, $110,000

For several years, I have been writing about the bifurcation of the Everest guiding business. In other words, the separation between the low-end operators and the high-end is growing larger each season. Now as we began to think about 2018, it is clear that Nepali operators like Seven Summits Treks are making huge inroads into the guiding business based primarily on catering to the Chinese and Indian middle classes with prices under $30K,  lower than their direct competition. At the other end are Western companies like Alpenglow and Furtenbach around $100K price tags and long time operators like Alpine Ascents, continue reading