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Jan 232015

Climbers in the Khumbu IcefallFor many people, ed they can tell you the exact moment when a dream became reality, when planning became real, capsule when the butterfly began to move from within. For many Everest climbers, that was this week.

Everest is not a spur of the moment decision, it’s sometimes a life long dream – literally. Some climbers, in their teenage years, carefully read each word in famous books, letting the imagery sink in as they tried to envision themselves on the Lhotse Face or at the North Col. Now decades later they will get their chance.

Other climbers, later in life, made a huge decision to move from dreaming to planning.  They looked out the window of their office and seized the moment. This week as they looked at the calendar, they counted the days.


In sixty days, they will arrive in Kathmandu; step off Thai TG319 and smell the warm, moist air of Nepal. Their dream will transform into an experience of a lifetime.

This week, they began to finalize all the preparation – bought rescue insurance, finalized payments to an outfitter, made a decision on what goggles to use, what color lens.

Their training has taken on a new intensity, yet the fear of injury tempers their zest to push too hard.

The butterflies took off.

Each day brings them closer. They look at their families with a more tender eye, taking a moment longer to listen to each story, lingering as they make eye contact.

No, Everest is not some wide-eyed romantic adventure. It is serious mountaineering. People die. It is this reality that gives flight to the butterfly.

The moment is exact, it is sealed for eternity.

Climb On!
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  9 Responses to “Everest 2015: The Moment You Know”


    Hi Alan! I have been an avid reader of this amazing blog for years and have finally booked my Himalayan climb for Spring of 2016. I am warming up on Loubche first before considering the next step of Cho Oyo and/or Ama Dablam. This post speaks perfectly to the excitement of knowing that you will actually, one day soon, visit the great Himalayan peaks. The dream becoming a near term reality is a complex mix of excitement, nervousness, and awe. It’s truly indescribable.

    Thank you for continuing to be a voice for the climbing community. All the best for Lhotse this season. Climb On.


    When I walked out of EBC last year and Nima Gombu told me, “the mountain is angry, come back next year!” ;-)))


    Can’t wait to get the armchair ready for my ‘Flight of Fancy” one more time,courtesy Alan Arnett. Cheers Kate


    …when I hit the send button on that first (non-refundable) payment by wire transfer…


    Similar to the days before I was to play Pebble Beach and the Old Course. Just bigger.


    No butterflies… Just very large crows, and they are NOT flying in formation…


    Gosh, wish it were me with the butterflies. But will live it through your posts!


    Hi Alan. Looking forward to Everest 2015 with you! Climb on! Ginny Lyford, Sunriver, Oregon


    I feel like you have been reading my thoughts.

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