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Apr 062019

Another day, and another step closer to base camp. A bit of news mostly from the Nepal side. I post these headlines on the tracker page everyday and update with the latest as I get them and then cover the newest headlines in the next blog post.



These are the latest:

  • First teams are now at EBC-Nepal in very cold conditions, -18C/0F
  • Route opens from Base Camp through the Khumbu Icefall (20 ladders) to Camp 2 – Nepal
  • Weather looks to be moving into Nepal over the weekend, could make the trek a bit uncomfortable
  • EverestLink Internet is being setup at EBC-Nepal for WiFi, not working as of Friday, April 5, 2019

I like what Richard Cost, climbing with ” Madison Mountaineering, said on his Facebook page:

Trek to Namche at 10,000 ft. Only 19,000 ft. to go 😀 @ Namche Bazar

The Nepal Ministry of Tourism issued a press release with the latest number of permits issued for their climbing peaks this spring. Ss yo can se Everest has generated almost $2 Million in permit fees with 18 teams comprising of 180 meters. I expect this to rise dramatically.

Cory Richards and Esteban “Topo” Mena will attempt a new line on the North Side. They are being filmed and promoted by RoamTV . This is episode 1:

Now on to what they are experiencing on the trek. Today, our representative trekkers in the narrative will take a rest day in the village of Dingboche.


A Rest Day – Finally!

Today is another “active rest day” but at 4,420-meters/14,500-feet in the village of Dingboche.

In many ways you are anxious to get to Everest Base Camp feeling a pressure to get there and get the climb going. But also you have been told to be patient, there is plenty of time and you can acclimatize now or later.  The truth is acclimatization is a biological process that cannot be accelerated for the altitude of Everest.

Checking into your lodge in Dingboche, you are not impressed. The walls are paper thin, the toilets are, well toilets and the food and atmosphere is not what you have experience thus far. Then you walk outside and leave your cocoon of historical luxery. From Dingboche, you can see the North Ridge of Ama Dablam, the South wall of Lhotse, and more.

Rather than use a lot of words, I’ll let the pictures of our trekkers and climbers are seeing tell the story.

Climb On!
Memories are Everything