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Apr 052008
Snow in the Trees

Somehow snow in the trees make for a nice start to the day. We woke up Friday morning to a gentle snowfall. The trees were loaded and the ground was white. But the yak trains had already marked the trails as we left our teahouse for the next village. We continue to move up valley. Everyone is in good health and we are right on schedule. The clouds have covered our views of Everest and Ama Dablam but that makes for a cooler trek. The trail is crowded and sometimes a traffic jam occurs with porters, ask yaks and climbers continue reading

Apr 032008
Pens and Crayons

Her dark black hair was pulled back in a pony tail yet a few strand fell across her forehead as she looked up. Her four-year old eyes were as black as her hair and so large I could almost see my own reflection in them. I held out the crayons and she took them in her tiny hand. Soon her big brother and a few other children came to see what she was getting. The oldest was wearing a uniform of sorts and I asked if he was gong to school. He nodded his head and then said “fish” as continue reading

Mar 182008
Dreaming of Ladders - Return to the South

I will be returning to climb Mt. Everest in 2008! Barring any more surprises we will be on the South Col route, the same one I was on in 2002 and 2003. I am extremely grateful that our expedition leaders moved swiftly when the Chinese announced restrictions on the north side and secured permits and logistics support on the south as a backup for our team. Also, our entire team including our Nepali Sherpas have agreed to make the switch thus we will be climbing together. I have mixed feelings but am very excited that our climb will still take continue reading

Nepal to Limit South Side Climbers from May 1-10

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Mar 142008
Nepal to Limit South Side Climbers from May 1-10

On Friday, March 14, Nepal’s Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation announced that all climbers on Everest’s Nepal side will not be allowed to climb above Base Camp at 17,500′ from May 1 through May 10. It is not clear if climbers will be allowed to go above BC prior to May 1. While there was no mention of the limitations being related to the Chinese’s more stringent limitations on the North, the connection is obvious. This now makes a complicated situation even more complex. North side teams, including ours, have been investigating alternatives given the Chinese March 10th continue reading

Mar 062008
3 Weeks to Everest 2008!!

Three weeks, six hours, four minutes and … well you get the idea! I can’t believe that after a year of planning, training and dreaming it is almost time to leave for Kathmandu. After 17 or more expeditions, I have everything I need so there will be only a few last minute s. I will send another dispatch before I leave introducing my teammates. I am continuing my training and will up to the weekend before I leave and have to pack all my bags. My friends Patrick and Robert have been great partners especially in the hurricane force winds continue reading