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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Jun 192007

I think HipCast, medicine which hosts Alan’s audio blogs, view is down. I’m sorry that you can’t listen to Alan’s two latest blog entries. I am pretty sure the problem is with HipCast as the links to the previous blogs are also not working. I can’t even connect to their web site.
Also, Alan has been unable to get his brand spanking new “HP” PDA to recharge. So…it looks like there will be no written dispatches and no pictures.
At least the satellite phone is still working. I talked to Alan a couple of hours ago and he and the rest of the team are doing great. They are back on schedule and moving their loads up the mountain. The last cache was close to 14,000′.
Hopefully, HipCast will be back up soon so you will be able to hear the dispatches. I’ll send out another message when it is up and running.
Thanks for your patience,

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  One Response to “HipCast is Out to Lunch”


    Looks like the audio is working well now. Paul.