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Jun 282007

Alan is off Denali after having severe abdominal pains on the high ridge at 17, 000′

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    Hi Alan,
    Going up a mountain is tough and turning around is even tougher. I trust you are OK and will do my best to call you next week.
    I smile every time I see the photo from Mt. Rainier on this page (profile of a climber). I really smile when remembering you calling out to me when I was roped to you after my tumble on Mt. Hood.


    Hey man,
    sorry to hear last dispatch goes without saying.
    I personally think you showed good judgement
    coming down.(not always the case when people are
    at altitude)
    Ill leave you with 2 thoughts hopefully not 2 cliche.
    1.The mountain always wins,climbers try not to
    2.Victory is not sweet unless youve tasted defeat.
    Ill keep reading,Doug.


    Hi Alan,
    So sorry to hear the news. Take care of yourself and get well soon!


    Hi Alan,
    Really sorry to hear that you had trouble with your stomach. This sort of thing could happen anywhere, it’s a just a pity for it to occur half way up a big mountain, especially after everything you have put in. Best of luck with the training for the next year.
    Regards, Paul.