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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Apr 062008

The email read in part “can you see if his memorial is still there?” The trek to Base Camp takes you through 30 or more stone memorials built to honor climbers who have died on Everest.
This email was from the 80 year-old Father of such a climber.

The clouds moved out overnight and we were greeted with stunning views of Ama Dablam, Lhotse and more. The trek to the next village was only a few hours but it was the Father’s request that was on my mind.

As I made the hill crest, a row of monuments came into view. I took off my pack and started my search. Many of the monuments had new bronze name plates. Most had worn away after years of wind and rain.
Some were famous – Scott Fischer, Babu Chiri. Most were not familiar. Names long since forgotten by the climbing community. Names remembered daily by their families.

I stopped at each one. How did they die? Weather, health, accident? It did not matter.
There were climbers from many countries: Belirous, Japan, Austria, Canada, Nepal. Most were Sherpa. Most were young.
Climbers following their passion. Chasing their dream. Doing a job. It did not matter.
The setting was perfect – above the treeline – on the alpine tundra – views of mountains. They would have liked it.
I’m sorry Sir. I never found Greg’s memorial. But I am sure his memory lives on.
Remember: Memories are Everything
Climb On!

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