Tell a Friend, Ask a Friend

Sunset over Aconcagua as seen from Base Camp

We have had a busy few days. A carry and move to Camp 1 at 16, 500′. Then a carry to our Camp 2, check also known as Guanacos Camp 3, at 18,000′.

We have been dodging lightening, thunder, high winds and snow squalls along the way.

We are now entering very serious altitude. Thus far I am pleased with how my body is performing at altitude and also with the loads. But we have a lot of altitude to go. The team is performing well also.

Tomorrow we move to our Camp 2 then a carry and move to High Camp on Thursday and Friday. That would put our summit bid over the weekend weather permitting.

I have had significant trouble getting a reliable satellite signal with all the towering rock walls around thus the few dispatches. I hope it will improve up higher.

As regular followers know, this is all about Alzheimer’s awareness and fund raising.

May I ask that you tell a friend and ask them to tell a friend about our 7 Summits Climb for Alzheimer’s?

Together we make this happen.

Climb On!
Memories are Everything

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5 thoughts on “Tell a Friend, Ask a Friend

  1. Good luck this weekend, Alan! Karl and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on Friday. Wish I had my Mom here to share that celebration. I’m thankful I still have memories of her. Climb on!

  2. Best of luck up high, Alan. And throughout your 7 Summits journey for such an important cause.

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