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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Oct 162011

View from my hotel in Timika

OK, progress – Papau style! With the local issues, fuel has become the major problem in reaching the base camp of Carstensz Pyramid.

But, impressively, our local team has been working on several solutions. So as it stands right now, subject to change, we will fly out of Timika tomorrow, Tuesday, to Sugapa where we will catch a helicopter to base camp. This involves an additional air drop of multiple fuel barrels in order to refuel the helicopter for the three trips it will take to get us and our gear there. Conveniently, Sugapa is also the starting point if we need to trek in.

Of note, our team will be the first in a year and half to successfully use a helicopter thus avoiding the 6 day jungle trek … assuming we get there! Now getting out is a different story! And of course, the weather must cooperate and then the pilots must; well you get the picture!

So today we are weighing all our gear for the flights. We are limited in weight for the helicopter so accuracy is important. It is hot and humid here in Timika and very simple. I have attached a short video I took from my hotel window today to give you a feel for the sights of the city and sounds of the call to prayers from a nearby mosque.

You know, it may seem like we are going through a lot of hoops just to climb a mountain; and we are! However, for me this is more than a mountain, especially given the importance of sending our message of hope, need and urgency for Alzheimer’s from the top of each continent.

I am witnessing a true team effort to make this happen form resources back home to those here on the ground and others in remote places. Of course it is not just for me but my teammates as well and we all appreciate the effort, it is not lost on any of us.

Follow my SPOT to see where end up tomorrow and I will update everyone as often as I can.

Climb On!
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  3 Responses to “Inguinity, Papua style!”


    This is a real testament to your dedication and commitment to the cause Alan! Good luck getting to the mountain

    And Oho State tune? I’m an alum, so I wonder which one. Hang on sloopy???


    Alan, great video. I didn’t know you could sing that well! You need to do an Ohio State tune with me on a summit in Colorado. I know just right one.
    Climb On!


    That’s great news Alan IF it all works out. Stay safe and all the best!