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May 182013
Everest Shadow

Everest Summit Shadow

Everest has finally developed a rhythm with climbers on both side steadily going to the top and returning. There are no reports of excessive lines or complaints of crowding. It looks like the team leaders have done a nice job of learning from 2012.

The winds finally calmed down although there were gusts from time to time, the conditions were reported to be almost perfect with clear skies and manageable temperatures.

On Friday night many left the South Col and summited as early as 5:00AM and some around 9:00AM.

The commercial teams of IMG with 3 members, 1 guide,7 Sherpas.  Alpine Ascents saw 9 members, 3 guides, and 12 Sherpas. Both had the majority of the climbers and have more sub teams yet to summit.  Also Alpenglow stood on the top with 1 guide, 1 member and 2 Sherpas.

On the north, that has been one large Chinese team summit thus far and another one attempt but pulled back after experiencing medical issues. Of note, N Bidyapati became the first woman from Manipur (India) to summit Everest.  You can read more on the Indian summits at this link.

More summit tonight!

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  7 Responses to “Everest 2013: Summit Wave 3 Recap”


    Great News Alan ! Thanks for the update !


    Super! This is definitely good news!


    May they all come down safely…


    Hi Alan just read on the BBC News that Raha Moharrak has become the 1st Saudi woman to summit. Congrats to her 🙂


    Congrats to all the summiteers and N Bidyapati 🙂


    …zadeptywania Everestu ciąg dalszy…


    Alan. I am not a climber, I wish I was but it is just not in my genes to do the things you climbers are capable of. I certainly support all of your Alzheimer’s care and effort. I join each of your adventures with a sense of awe and admiration for your courage and thank you for allowing me to follow. Thanks!

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