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Jun 302014
Kami and Alan in Skardu

Kami and Alan in Skardu

Sometimes bringing the memories back to life rejuvenates the soul.

It was a flurry of activity but we finally made it to Skardu. On our second try we took the early morning flight which avoided the afternoon storms and clouds that shut down the Skardu airport on a regular basis.

So we are now just a days jeep ride away from starting the trek to K2 Base Camp.

But the part of the day was reconnecting with Kami Sherpa when we arrived at our hotel. My dear friend met me with a smile and a hug. As I looked into his eyes, I was instantly reminded of our time on Everest, look the summit, his gentle manner and what he represents to me – a true friend in life.

He told me his daughter who was sick is now fine, his oldest son is doing well as a monk at the Tengboche Monastery, his second son who guides on Everest is safe and that he is now a proud grandfather!

It is so good to see him, safe, healthy, strong at age 49. His quiet confidence encourages a peaceful feeling. My emotional confidence took a significant uptick knowing I will be climbing K2 with him. He was on K2 in 2008 reaching Camp 3 before the avalanche stopped their summit bid.

We talked about the deaths on Everest, we both were quiet for a moment.

I remember sitting quietly with my mom many times, not saying anything, but gathering strength from her courage as she knew deep down she was fading away. Often it is not what is said that inspires us, but what is not said and simply being in the moment.

As we flew into Skardu, the weather was perfect. The bad news is that all our bags could not make it on the small ATR-42 prop plane so our heavy duffels were sent via road up the Karakorum Highway and will arrive tomorrow night – no big deal.

A big was seeing Nanga Parbart from the airplane window. To my knowledge no one is attempting this 8000 meter massif this season after last year’s tragedies. The area is still reeling from the tragic incident so I am pleased to provide support to this area and the kind and generous people of the Northern Territories.

Skardu is at 8,000’ so we will spend 2 nights here before taking the jeeps to Askole, at 11,000 to begin the trek to K2 Base Camp – hard to believe every time I type this – K2….

Climb On!!!
Memories are Everything

  13 Responses to “K2: Connecting with an Old Friend”


    How exciting, you all look great! God Bless!!!


    Great video! You and Kami are both looking well… Strong and happy! Love reading your updates!


    Great video, you and Kami are both looking well… Strong and happy. Love reading your updates!


    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am interested, enthralled and so grateful for every bit of video and film. Words are great but the pictures make everything so real. Wonderful to see Kami so healthy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have stood on the tops of the two highest mountains in the world with the same climbing partner!?

    Success in your endeavors!

    Yeah, boy!


    The view of the mountains was daunting but wonderful, but the best thing was the lovely Kami. I am so glad you are climbing with a friend. Thinking of you every day…..


    So happy to see you looking well and safely in Skardu with your Sherpa friend! Godspeed!



    Is Ric on your team ? Scott Holder



    Is Rick climbing on your team ? Scott Holder


    really great to see the vid; just awesome!


    Great Video! Alan, you are in such good hands. Kami took me to the top of my first 8,000m peak, too, Shishapangma and his son Finjo, took me to the summit of Everest. With his previous experience on K2 and all the training you have put in – you guys have a great shot at making this happen!


    That’s so cool they got Kami back and you get to climb with him. I got a msg from Chris and we’re pullin for ya!




    It is fantastic to see you and Kami together again! Great video of the incredible mountains.

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