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Jul 012014

FJ to AksoleWe are about to leave Skardu for the “end of the road” at Askole. There we will hire somewhere over 150 or more Balti porters to carry our gear to K2 Base Camp – and this is just part of the overall load – one way!

But first we take these souped up Land Cruisers and Jeeps over a road that would be named a trail anywhere else in the world following parts of the Ingus River.

Some of the FJs have been in use for over 30 years. They are “toughened” with heavy duty coils, shocks, suspension and special air filters.

I think I need to drop by their shop and see if they can upgrade me!!

Climb On!
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  14 Responses to “K2: Wheels to Askole”


    Loving your updates, Alan – gives us a real flavor for what you’re seeing and experiencing… !! Blessings,



    As usual the updates are fantastic! The videos really give us a feel of what its like to be on the trek. I hope you are able to continue these throughout what is bound to be a successful summit and return from the amazing K2. Be safe.

    Your friend,
    Ginger Kirby


    thanks for video alan,really enjoy your blogs,very imformative, praying for a safe trip for you

    climb on


    I wish they still made FJs like that. Awesome mountain vehicles.


    Stay safe my friend!


    ROCK ON Alan. Loved hearing your voice and chuckles! Did not notice back seat belts or any place for the middle person to hold on ………. Can’t wait to hear or see the “trail” along the way in another little video.


    Great stuff Alan. I feel as if I was there, almost! Wish I was. Have a bumpy but enjoyable ride! Jacqueline


    Thanks for posting Alan. I am enjoying every one of these and you’re not even on the mountain yet! Best wishes.


    I always check this at the end of the day. Thanks for posting, Alan. I’m enjoying the window you’re giving us into your journey.


    Keep them coming Alan!


    I’m really enjoying these blog updates. Thanks for posting them!


    Climb On ! Alan, all the best with your trip ! Keep us posted.
    Q. how do you plan on charging your equipment during the trek? any solar/powerbank perferences?

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