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Mar 272015
Yaks crossing bridge at the beginning of the Sagarm?th? National Park

Yaks crossing bridge at the beginning of the Sagarm?th? National Park

With April 1 just around the corner, medicine it looks like business as usual on Everest. Team after team are updating their websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter feeds saying the weather is good in the Khumbu and they have had little problems thus far.

Apparently Kathmandu had heavy rain last night and fog this morning thus delaying a lot of flights to Lukla, but again, this is somewhat normal.

Oxygen suppliers tell me they are having record s and the permit process appears to be smooth. It is still too early to make the same conclusion about teams climbing from Tibet as they normally don’t try to cross the boarder until April 10.

Dave Hahn with RMI posted this on his Facebook page along with a picture of Everest:

Everest and Lhotse… First glimpse. From Namche. Still big, still pointy, still beautiful.

EverestEr is making their way to Base Camp to set up their annual support for the Sherpa community and climbers. They do such valuable work.

The Icefall Doctors have been at Everest Base Camp now for over a week and are starting to investigate the route to Camp 1. No solid news yet, still very early.

So, for all the negativity, this season is off to a good start.

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  4 Responses to “Everest 2015: Teams Streaming into the Khumbu”


    Its really pleasing to associate with mountain related things for a mountaineer. Climbing Everest is a dream of all the mountaineers. I am busy in my studies after which try to make an attempt. Thank you.


    The following is copied/pasted from Jim Davidson’s last blog post, “TURNING DREAMS INTO REALITY – HOW DO YOU CLIMB EVEREST?”, and is excellent advice for anyone striving to achieve a specific goal, no matter what it may be. In fact, his entire post is excellent and well worth reading. It may be a bit off topic, but well worth sharing.

    Quote: “You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. I have found this to be totally true, and very powerful. Hang around with heavy drinkers in bars and see what you become. Or, spend your time with enthusiastic athletes/musicians/writers and watch where it takes you. It’s almost magic.”


    Thanks for continuing this vital coverage. I’m looking forward to your reports directly from EBC.


    They need a good year so I am very happy to read this.