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Climbing the World to End Alzheimer's
Nov 092016

For my US Followers:

Your choice of President not winning is not the end of the world even if it does not align with your values or beliefs. Similarly, your candidate winning does not endorse your judgment as infallible.

I am old enough to remember when Reagan was elected and Democrats thought the lack of social programs would end the American Dream. The stock market rose 54%. I remember when Clinton was elected and Republicans feared regulations designed to protect the poor would hurt the economy. The stock market rose 150%. And when Obama was elected, some believed the American experiment was over. The stock market rose 78%. While the market may drop 300++ points on the news that Mr. Trump is the new President, it will recover.

Clearly, the stock market does not represent all segments of America. Investments in finding a cure for Cancer, HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer’s are just as important as any financial measure. As are programs for those with special needs, the poor and the elderly. America takes care of its people, regardless of political party.

I remain confident that the design of the American Experiment with three branches of Government designed to counter-balance radical ideas and destructive proposals – will continue to work. Congress controls the budget and declares war. The Supreme Court interprets the laws and the Executive Branch leads the military (under the control of Congress) and represents the country to the rest of the world.

Yes, a President can act unilaterally but the negative impact is short, when taking the long-term view. The American Experiment corrects itself like a well designed sailboat in a storm. The next four years may see similar turbulence as the last eight, but in 2020, we will repeat the last few months – by design.

The lesson for us voters? Pay attention. Learn from your personal declarations. Be humble. Don’t be resentful or fatalistic. Focus your speech to one of balance. Act as what you profess that in which you believe. Gloating and boasting is the ultimate in low class and provides evidence for those who believe less of the boaster. Be humble, be inclusive and take each step like you would like your neighbor to take.

If you are concerned about social programs, now is the time to push for States Rights and support, perhaps move to the State that aligns with your beliefs. Maybe, this is the greatest threat from this election, the social agenda as managed by the Federal Government and Supreme Court appointees. The doctrine of States Rights, as advocated by the incoming administration, needs to be tested and now upheld.

To be clear, in no way do I support or endorse the President-elect’s attitude towards Muslims, Latinos, the LGBTQ community, those with special needs, his clear disrespect of women, anyone coming to America (like millions over the past hundred years) seeking safety and the opportunity to provide for a better life for their children than they had. His use of falsehoods, vulgarities, insults and low-class behavior is well below what we expect from one another, much less the President of the United States.

I hope those who voted for him do not endorse these attitudes and can take this moment to teach their children that his choices were poor. Even his wife, Melanija, said language such as his is unacceptable.

At 70 years-old, he should know better. I sincerely hope he can learn from his mistakes.

I could make similar comments about his opponent, but that is moot now. I sincerely hope that those who voted for Mr. Trump did so on the basis of policy and economy and not his professed social attitudes.

This election was a choice between poor choices. For some it was a protest vote against the current government. But ironically, most people continue to re-elect their Senators and Congress persons without considering their impact on the laws and policies that impact them the most – areas where the President really has no influence.

It is time for the American electorate to become informed and vote with a local, state, national and world view.

I am an American. Congratulations Mr. Trump. You got what you wanted. This is not a reality show. I trust you that once you fully understand the seriousness as the President of the United States of America, that will you will mature to the role.

Climb On!
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  3 Responses to “A New US President”


    For the very reasons you outlined, I’m having a hard time finding the moral high ground as regards our new president-elect. He is loathsome on every level. I’ll be fighting tooth-and-nail to either have him impeached and removed from office, and/or to finding a worthy opponent within the Democratic Party to oust him in the next election. I think Mr. Trump will make a shambles of our country, and I can’t find it within myself to accept that this is a reality that we need to learn to live with. Rather, I find it an unacceptable reality. And may G-d help us if Mike Pence takes over…I’d actually rather have Trump! What we have here is a choice between a headache and an upset stomach, and I’d rather have neither. Protests continue across America and abroad. I hope the energy generated by those protests makes a huge difference going forward.


    Your words couldn’t have been more true. Our focus should be about a greater good for this world. I couldn’t agree more. Well said.


    Our country will recover.The stock market will recover fast, it always does. The national debt will take the longest to recover. The citizens should come before the politicians. This has been a problem for a long time.
    Thank you Alan. Obviously you have a great understanding of this subject. Your understanding of this makes it possible to research this beyond any of us.
    Thank you.