Everest 2018: Summit Wave 1 – 1st Foreign Summits from Nepal – Update 3

Everest Southeast Ridge in 2011 as seen from Lhotse

With good weather on Sunday into early Monday morning, Mt. Everest has become a beehive of activity with at least 50 summits thus far. Teams on both sides are currently climbing from base camp to the higher camps in anticipation of making their summit bids through this week. A small front moved through on Monday afternoon, slowing progress for a day on the Nepal side. All times and dates are local to Everest. See where they are on the Location Table

1st Foreigner Summits from Nepal Side

We have the first foreigner summits of the #Everest2018 spring season. Leaving the South Col around 10:45 pm and it now appears from his GPS Tracker that Steve Plain summited around 6 am Monday 14 May, 2018 thus will break the record for climbing the 7 Summits when he gets back to base camp. He was with Jon Gupta and Pemba Sherpa. He needed to summit by 22 May to break the record. The current record is 126 days and as of today, 13 May he is at 117 days.

Steve Plain 2018 Everest Summit


XiaBoYu from China

Mingma G Sherpa along with Chinese double amputee Mr Xia Boyu were also going up and left the South Col at 8:00 pm Sunday 13 May hoping also summit Monday morning. No word on their status at the moment. They made it!:

Mr. XiaBoYu, Mr.liu yi,Ms. wu jie Mr. lok kee siu , Mr. mikey foreal, Mr.ajie hu and Mr.gao li reached everest summit with their sherpa tamting, Mr. kili pemba sherpa,Mr.pasang gomba sherpa ,Mr.ang tsering, Mr.dendi sherpa,Mr.dawa Gyalje Sherpa . Ms.Nima jangmu became first nepalese woman to summit everest and lhotse together in one season

Madison Mountaineering has 2 members and 4 Sherpas on the summit at 8:50 am:

Team Member : Mr . Anthony Peter Michael Andrew Middleton(UK) , Mr. Edmund Philip Wardle(UK) Mountaineering Guide : Mr Dawa Phinjo Lama, Mr Phurba Ridar Bhote , Mr Kul Bahadur Thapa Magar, Mr Sangbu Bhote

Seven Summits Treks reports summits:

This morning Taras Pozdnii, Roman Horodechnyy and Dmytro Semerenko all from Ukraine along with their sherpa Nga Tashi, Mingmar and Lambou Sherpa climbed Mt. Everest.

Muri Lingi (India) with Pemba Chhoti Sherpa, Rahul Gupta (India) with Lhakpa Temba and Chhonorbu Sherpa, Dabuti Sherpa (Nepal) with Pasang Gyalzen Sherpa also conquered the world’s highest peak this morning.

Ascent Himalaya:

Moa Hundseid(25/Norway) just summit now approx 8:50 am together with Pasang Tenzing Sherpa & Angduk Sherpa.She is the youngest Norwegian lady to summit Mt Everest. Our team members Viridiana Alvarez(Mexico) & Dean Christopher Carriere(Canada) has successfully summitted Mt Lhotse(8516m) at 04:00pm along with our climbing guides Pemba Sherpa(Phortse),Tsering Dawa Sherpa(Rolwaling) & Tsering Pemba Sherpa(Rolwaling).Tsering Pemba Sherpa summitted Lhotse in 2017 and he was the main guide to fix the route last year being the first team to summit Lhotse.

Update 2

Ropes to Summit from Tibet

The rope team left Camp 4 on the Northeast Ridge and got the ropes to the summit. Also, Nepali Anish Luitel climbing open behalf of Scouts around the word tagged along with them and became, I believe, the first non-rope team meter to summit from the Tibet side this spring. He carried the 2019 world Jamboree Flag was on the top of the world.

Update 3

Jagged Globe reports winds are back on South Side:

Stalled in Camp 3. The team are preparing to spend a second night in their least favourite camp. Along with about 30-40 climbers from other groups they set out for Camp 4 on the South Col after 08.00. However, it soon became clear that the weather was a lot worse than forecast. After 3 hours in strong winds and driving snow they returned to Camp 3. If the weather allows they will try again for Camp 4 tomorrow.

Summit Rope Team

One more shout out to the excellent work done by the rope fixing team on the Nepal side  team at 3:30 pm, on 13 May 2018. 1. Mr. Pasang Tenjing Sherpa 2. Mr. Pasdawa Sherpa 3. Mr. Lakpa Dendi Sherpa 4. Mr. Jen Jen Lama 5. Mr. Siddi Bahadur Tamang 6. Mr. Pemba chhiri Sherpa 7. Mr. Tenzing Gyaljen Sherpa 8. Mr. Datuk Bho

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  2. Awesome news and great update, as always Alan! Wishing all those on the mountain a safe and successful climb to stand on top of the world and getting back down to EBC just as safe! God speed!

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