Everest 2018: Summit Wave 5 Underway – Update 1



Maddison Mountaineering put 3 guides, 5 members and 8 Sherpas up there.

Climbing the Seven Summits had 100% success with 3 guides and 5 members and 8 Sherpas.

Satori Adventures and Expeditions said they had summits but no details.


Adventure Peaks with Ricky Munday and Patrick McNight “summited At 04:30hrs Nepali time and are now back down at Camp 3 and are continuing down to Camp 2. There was more wind and snow than expected, but it didn’t seem to slow them down too much.

28 year-old Illina Frankiv is reported to have summited by her partner and also an Everest summiter Neil Mueller. Also David Snow made the top in and in support of Sange Sherpa who had all 10 fingers amputated after his member refused to turn around last year.


Here we go for the fourth day in a row, looks like there will be Everest summits. Conditions remain excellent with reasonable winds and temps – for an Everest summit! Several climbers have GPS devices so you can follow along.


Two American teams are currently on the move: Maddison Mountaineering with 3 guides, 5 members and at least 5 Sherpas and Climbing the Seven Summits (Mike Hamill) with 2 guides, 7 members and at least 7 Sherpas. Ascent Himalayas has a small team of two members and three Sherpas.  I assume there may be other teams including Asian Trekking, Seven Summits Treks, small Nepal guides companies and a few independents. Many of these companies post days after their summits so its impossible to track them in real-time. David Snow with a small team using Seven Summits Treks logistics are also on the move with a GPS

There are still more teams that are targeting the weekend including the three sub teams of IMG totaling over 20 members plus the ones I mentioned may be going up tonight.


Transcend should be sending their third team up tonight or it might be tomorrow. They have had another good season putting 18 members thus far with at least 18 Sherpas. 7 Summits Club are hoping for continued success for their second of three teams. Furtenbach should be sending their “flash” team running higher – they pre-acclimatized and are on a 4 week home to home program. Adventure Peaks with Ricky Munday and Patrick McNight are on their push. You can follow Patrick on his GPS tracker. There are a few climbers who are on tiny Sherpa supported teams including 28 year-old Illina Frankiv she was at C3 on the Tibet side on her summit push. You can follow her at her GPS. Similar to the south side, I assume there are Chinese teams, small Chinese and Nepali guide companies plus Seven Summits Treks.

More as I get it.

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