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May 102021
Everest plume from space courtesy of NASA

Note: Many of the Nepali teams are using this quote”…summit of Mt Everest with the new height of 8848.86m” What a PR spin! See my analysis of this “new height.”


Ascent Himalayas got 16 people on top 5 members and 11 (!) support:

AH EVEREST EXPEDITION 2021:All our team made to the summit of Mt Everest(8848.86) this morning approx 08:00am -10:30 am.We would like to thanks all our guides,sherpa,kitchen crews for their hard work to make this expedition and documentary successful without any problem.We would like to congratulate all our Team Members and Sherpas for the 100 % successful summit of Mt Everest with the new height of 8848.86m.All the teams are on their way back to camp 4.

Team Members
Elia Saikaly(Canada) :08:40am
Scott Simper(USA): 08:40 am
Helene Drouin(France):10:30 am
Frank Loke(Norway):08:05 am
Javier Remon(Argentina):08:40

Climbing Guide
Pasang Tenzing Sherpa:08:40 am
Tsering Pemba Sherpa:08:05 am
Pasang Kaji Sherpa:08:40 am
Dawa Gyaljen Sherpa:10:30 am
Tsering Dawa Sherpa:08:40 am
Danurbu Sherpa(A):08:40 am
Danurbu Sherpa(B): 10:20 am
Pasang Yella Sherpa:08:40 am
Kalsang Dorji Sherpa:08:40 am
Lakpa Sherpa :08:40 am
Mingmar Sherpa:08:05 am

Update 1:

From Seven Summits Treks:

The team of 🇧🇭 Bahrain Royal Guard, including prince Sh. Mohammed Hamad Mohammed Al Khalifa, successfully climbed Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) this morning between 5:30 – 6:45 Am ( Nepal Time ).

Also, the youngest Pakistani, Ma Sha Allah Shehroze, summited with the Bahrain team.

From Madison Mountaineering;

Climbers Kenton Cool, Jon Gupta, and Becks Ferry have been climbing throughout the night from Camp IV on the South Col and are now just about 100m below the South Summit. Follow along with Jon’s inReach tracker.

And their summit. Kenton Cool gets his UK record of 15 Everest summits, tying him with American Dave Hahn for most non-Sherpa summits

Good news in sunny #Everest base camp this morning! Our first climbers of the season just made the summit: @kentoncool , @mountexpeds , Rebecca Ferry, along with Dorjee Gelgen Sherpa, Chhetan Dorjee Sherpa, Lakpa Wongchu Sherpa. Big congratulations to them!

First Post

The first summit wave is underway. Everest 2021: Summit Bid Wave 1 is underway. Looks for summits around 06:00 am Tuesday, May 11, 2021, Nepal time

First up is the 30 people (including support) team from Bahrain. Using logistics from Madison Mountaineering, Kenton Cool with Ardavan, and Jon Gupta with Becks are headed up. The six-person IFMGA Sherpa Guided Team from Climbing the Seven Summits are aiming for May 12. Ascent Himalaya, Imagine Nepal, and Peak Promotion are on their push. We could see well over 150 summits on the 11th and 12.

With the winds low and expected to remain low for a few days, there is an excellent opportunity that the over 300 climbers left on Everest can spread out this year and minimize long waits. I will update this post throughout the push and give a summary tomorrow.

MImgma G of Imagine Nepal (and winter K2 fame) is headed up for a no O’s summit.

The Bahrain team posted on Instagram around 9:00 pm Monday night:

The team are on their final push to summit Mt Everest which will take them between 11 to 14 hours. There is some light snow fall at the moment but no wind which will help

From Ascent Himalayas :

Our team members @eliasaikaly @helene_sur_leverest @actionfrankloke @javierremonsafaris scott simper @mingmatsiri along with our Sherpa team left from camp 4 for summit at 09:00pm. We wish them very best of luck and hope to get the summit news by tomorrow morning.

Climbing the Seven Summits gave this update:

This morning our IFMGA Sherpa Guided Team climbers, April, Ryan, David with Guide Tenji & Private IFMGA climbers and personal sherpa climbers, Michael P, Michael N, Rob, Steve started uphill making excellent time through the icefall and into the CWM and are already at Camp 2. Tomorrow they will push up to Camp 3. It’s looking like a May 12th summit bid for them.

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