Podcast: Everest 2023: Welcome to the Season

Welcome to the first Podcast for the Everest 2023 season.

In this podcast, I talk about what we can expect this year, now with the Tibet side closed again. I expect 2023 to be a big year for Everest-Nepal. With the COVID-19 pandemic letting up, Nepal is open. It expects many foreigners attracted by Nepali operators marketing low prices and requiring minimal climbing experience but providing tons of Sherpa support. I expect almost 1,000 total summits broken out by 400-450 foreigners from the Nepal side supported by 450-500 Sherpas. We can anticipate three to six deaths on the Nepal side. Nepal reportedly still requires a COVID vaccination to enter the country. I strongly advise checking with your country’s embassy in Nepal for the latest COVID regulations, even though they seem to have loosened them substantially.

Best of luck to all for a safe and rewarding season.

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Everest 2023: Welcome to the Season


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6 thoughts on “Podcast: Everest 2023: Welcome to the Season

  1. Tourism industry particularly the adventure sports like Expedition to 8000m plus mountains in 2023 is something like a trend. Though, it has various aspects to count why it is becoming trending sports or adventure. But, before that we must realize the Covid-19 drawbacks to the pockets of every individuals.
    And now after the pandemics, it is now gradually reshaping the business around the world. Thank you for this podcast and discussing the upcoming season’s true incidents which is supposed to be happening.
    The highest mountains like Mount Everest, K2, Nanaga Parbat are in focus of mountaineers. Nepal and Pakistan has diverse options to practice out these extreme adventure sports.

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