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May 202013
Everest 2013: Summit Wave 6 - Update 2

Update 2 The students from Sanawar India are starting to summit. They are 16-17 years-old: Hakikat Singh Grewal, Guribadat Singh, Prithvi Singh Chahal, Ajay Sohal, Shubham Kaushik, Fateh Singh Brar and Raghav Jonneja We have summits from IMG (10 summiters),  Asian Trekking and Adventure Consultants (16 summiters) at 4:15 AM Nepal time. Conditions are reported as breezy. Other teams are reporting steady progress higher. Update 1 The Mountain Trip team decided to hold at the South Col reporting winds at 20 mph gusting to 30 – at the edge of their safety margin. Those following the Senior Challenge, 80 year-old continue reading

May 202013
Everest 2013: Summit Wave 5 Recap

With the good weather continuing, Everest is seeing a steady stream of climbers. A reported 135 climbers are pushing on Monday night and hoping to summit on Tuesday morning just from the South This long window had been predicted for quite a while so it is nice to see it develop. May 21st has been targeted as the day for over a week. This weather pattern has allowed a rather orderly stream of climbers with little to no summit delays reported at any of the bottlenecks on the South. The dual ropes on the Hillary Step seem to have also continue reading

May 192013
Everest 2013: Weekend Update, Summit Wave 5 - Update 2

Wave 5,  Update 2: IMG reports 21 on the summit this morning including the US Air Force team climbing. Conditions are noted as cold and windy. Jagged Globe reported 3 more on top: Nacer Ibnabdeljalil, Guy Munnoch and Guy Manning summited this morning with Sherpas, Dawa Gelji, Tashi and Karma. We believe this is the first Moroccan summit of Everest. All 24 members of the Jagged Globe climbing team have summited over 19/20 Reports are quiet tonight. Most teams are not reporting like last night. Nothing unusual, some do, some don’t. Wave 5, Update 1: 80 climbers reported climbing from continue reading

May 182013
Everest 2013: Summit Wave 4 Recap

Saturday night was busy on Everest and by Sunday morning there were over 100 summits from both sides. It will take while to know the exact numbers but the climbing conditions were reported as good as it gets. 120 climbers, advice both Sherpas and Westerners, were reported to be climbing Saturday night just on the South so it appears the expedition leaders did a good job of coordinating summit pushes. By my count there are around 400 going for the summit throughout this season from the South alone this year. No long lines or crowds were reported, in fact, Peak continue reading

May 182013
Everest 2013: Summit Wave 4 - Update 3

Update 3: There were over 100 summits Sunday on Everest. See the details in the Everest 2013:Wave 4 Wrap up. Summits continue with great conditions on the south. No issue with lines at the usual bottlenecks. This just in from Asian Trekking: Congratulations !!! Great news. Asian Trekking’s International Everest member David Liano and Sirdar Mingma Sherpa summited Mt.Everest this morning at 4:35 am Nepal time. David Liano is now the first person to complete the double in one climbing season. Asian Trekking family extends hearty congratulations to them and wishes for the safe descent. Summits are starting to roll continue reading

May 172013
Everest 2013: Summit Wave 3, Sherpa Death - Update 2

Update 2: Multiple summits on Friday night from the commercial teams of IMG 3 members, 1 guide, find 7 Sherpas and Alpine Ascents putting 9 members, illness 3 guides, and 12 Sherpas. Alpenglow: 1 member, 1 guide, 2 Sherpa Update 1.5: Summits pushes underway leaving the South Col at 8:00PM. Winds are reported to be less than last night. Teams are reported above Balcony and heading towards South Summit in good conditions.   Once again, I start an update with the death of a Sherpa. Namgyal Sherpa reportedly has died at 8300 meters on the North side on Friday. There continue reading

May 162013
Everest 2013: Summit Wave 2 Recap

Today was a case study in approaches to climbing Everest. The weather forecast called for diminishing winds on Thursday, May 16 and that held true as teams left for the summit around 9:00 PM. But as the IMG team made their way up the Triangular Face between the South Col and the Balcony, they were hit by high winds and freezing fog. They reported a cloud cap over the summit and turned back. They are currently in their tents at the South Col along with several other teams who choose not to go last night. They are expected to attempt continue reading

May 162013
Everest 2013: Summit Wave 2 - Update 3

Update 3: Climbers from Pune and Berg have summited in what must have been tough conditions.  They should be starting their decent around 9:00AM local time. No details on numbers and names yet. Congratulations to all. Update 2: Well it looks like the mountain had other ideas tonight and teams are turning back due to tough conditions. Eric Simonson, case IMG, just posted this: Greg and Jangbu report from Base Camp that the South Col team started out for the summit, but that once they got up onto the Triangular Face, the mountain formed a cloud cap with rime ice continue reading

May 152013
Everest 2013: Delayed Summits and More

Knowing a fellow climber had died the day before, no it was time to focus on safety and Wednesday nights climbers were forced to make some tough decisions. The winds were predicted to lessen starting on May 16, but several teams climbed to the South Col on the 15th hoping to get a jump on the crowds. However, ed the winds held fast last night. Meanwhile several more teams moved to Camp 2 on the South preparing to go for the summit over the next few days. Over 120 climbers are looking at attempting the summit just on May 19th. continue reading

May 152013
Everest 2013: Winds Calm but Shocking Death of Alexey Bolotov - Updated

Early reports are in that Alexey Bolotov, has died near Camp 1 in the Western Cwm. He was climbing with Denis Urubko on a new route on SW Face. It appears he was climbing towards the West Ridge but his body was reported to have been found near the top of the Khumbu Icefall at 5600m. Details are always difficult at this point but we have this direct quote from Denis Urubko as he told this:  I do not know how to write this. Alexey Bolotov to descend on a rope. Due to scroll on a sharp rock edge continue reading